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BossAssembly of Iron
Image of Assembly of Iron
Race(s) Iron dwarf, Iron vrykul, Iron giant (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Assembly of Iron
Status Killable

The Assembly of Iron (or the Iron Council) is the fifth boss encounter in Ulduar found in The Assembly of Iron. The encounter consists of Steelbreaker, Runemaster Molgeim, and Stormcaller Brundir. Killing any one of the three will give a soft enrage of +25% damage to the other two and grant them additional abilities (similar to Fathom-Lord Karathress). Killing the second of the trio will grant the last with a final stage apart from their usual abilities which must be dealt with in different tactics.

The hard mode of this fight requires players to kill Steelbreaker last.



The iron armies are led by three fearsome generals, each representing a different race. These leaders are known as Stormcaller Brundir, Runemaster Molgeim, and Steelbreaker.[1]

Adventure Guide[]

The iron legions of Loken are commanded by three fearsome generals, each representing a different titan-forged race. Stormcaller Brundir, Runemaster Molgeim, and the giant Steelbreaker fight in the name of the keeper's true master, the malevolent Yogg-Saron.


Defeating a member of the Assembly of Iron will heal the remaining two to full health and grant them Supercharge, which increases damage and grants access to additional abilities.

Dps icon Damage Dealers[]

  • Avoid damaging Runemaster Molgeim while he has Shield of Runes.
  • Standing in a Rune of Power will increase damage dealt.
  • Avoid Stormcaller Brundir to minimize damage taken from Overload and Lightning Tendrils.

Healer icon Healers[]

  • Avoid Stormcaller Brundir to minimize damage taken from Overload and Lightning Tendrils.

Tank icon Tanks[]

  • Fusion Punch inflicts heavy Nature damage.


  • Stormcaller Brundir
    • Spell nature chainlightning Chain Lightning Interruptible — Strikes an enemy with a lightning bolt that arcs to another nearby enemy. The spell affects up to 5 targets, causing Nature damage to each.
    • Spell nature wispsplode Overload Important — Focuses all the caster's energy into a single ball of lightning. This ball grows for 6 sec until it finally explodes, dealing 20000 Nature damage to all enemies within 20 yards and knocking them down.
    • Spell nature wispheal Lightning Whirl — Spins around throwing off bolts of lightning at random enemy targets. Each bolt deals 3770 to 4230 Nature damage. Lasts 5 sec. Only available when under the affect of Supercharge.
    • Spell nature lightningoverload Lightning Tendrils — At two stacks of Supercharge Tendrils of lightning shoot out of the caster's chest, lifting them into the air. These lightning tendrils deal 3000 Nature damage to all enemies around the caster every second. Only available with 2 stacks of Supercharge.
  • Runemaster Molgeim
    • Spell misc hellifrepvpcombatmorale Shield of Runes Magic Effect — Covers the caster in magic runes, absorbing up to 20000 damage. If 20000 damage is absorbed, this damage in converted into a powerful burst of energy, increasing the caster's damage by 50% for 15 sec.
    • Spell arcane arcane01 Rune of Power — Summons a Rune of Power under a random friendly target. This rune increases damage by 50% of all friendly and enemy targets within 5 yards.
    • Spell shadow antimagicshell Rune of Death — Summons a Rune of Death at a random enemy target's location. This rune deals 2750 Shadow damage every half-second to anyone within 13 yards of that location. Only available when under the affect of [Supercharge].
    • Spell shadow sealofkings Rune of Summoning — Creates a Rune of Summoning near a random enemy. This rune will periodically summon Lightning Elementals, which will rush towards random enemies and explode. Only available with 2 stacks of Supercharge.
    • Spell nature lightningoverload Lightning Blast — Unleashes a large blast of lightning, dealing 9425 to 10575 Nature damage to all enemies within 30 yards of the caster but killing the caster in the process. Only available with 2 stacks of Supercharge.
  • Steelbreaker
    • Spell nature wispsplode High Voltage — Inflicts 1500 Nature damage every 3 sec to all enemies.
    • Ability golemthunderclap Fusion Punch Tank Alert — An attack infused with energy that inflicts 18850 to 21150 Nature damage and an additional 15000 Nature damage per second.
    • Spell nature lightningoverload Static Disruption — Deals 7000 Nature damage to enemies in an area and increases Nature damage taken by 50% for 20 sec. Only available when under the affect of Supercharge.
    • Spell shaman ancestralawakening Overwhelming Power Deadly — The target becomes overwhelmed with power increasing damage done by 200% and causes a Meltdown after 35 sec. Only available with 2 stacks of Supercharge.
      • Spell nature lightningoverload Meltdown — The target melts down killing themselves and dealing 29250 to 30750 Nature damage to friendly units within 15 yards. Only available with 2 stacks of Supercharge.
    • Spell nature lightningshield Electrical Charge — Increases damage done by 25%. Only available with 2 stacks of Supercharge.

Hard Mode[]

Defeating one of the Assembly of Iron buffs the remaining members with Supercharge. Steelbreaker is the most difficult member of the Iron Assembly if he is the last member of the Assembly standing.

  • Spell nature stormreach Supercharge — Unleashes one last burst of energy as the caster dies, increasing all allies damage by 25% and granting them an additional ability.


Phase 1: All three alive[]

Players can choose to kill the trio in any order they wish, though the popular and easiest route is Steelbreaker, then Molgeim, then Brundir. Be warned that when you kill a boss, the remaining bosses will return to full health. This prevents the raid from being able to take down multiple bosses at the same time.

Just like Maulgar, Illidari Council, Karathress, etc. all of these bosses have to be pulled and tanked away from each other in precise positions. Molgeim and Steelbreaker can be tanked in the two front corners of the room, but Brundir must be tanked towards the back for his Overload (30 yards) which will deal a lot of damage to anyone that is not a tank (often times killing them). Note that Brundir's tank can simply eat the Overloads, since the tank should have a dedicated healer, otherwise only doing raid healing. If it is an issue, the tank should move away as well, then move right back to Brundir when the channeled cast is over. Any casters and the tank on Stormcaller Brundir that can interrupt should be interrupting Chain Lightnings whenever possible. The healer assigned to Brundir's tank should be close to Steelbreaker's back when the fight begins, 35+ yards away.

Molgeim will often put a Rune of Power underneath either Steelbreaker or Brundir so they must be pulled out of the rune far enough to where they're no longer benefiting from the buff and melee or ranged players can bunch up in this rune and output higher damage upon the primary target.

Steelbreaker on occasion will deal a Fusion Punch which the tank must call out for focused healing and a magic dispel of the nature debuff that is inflicted from the punch. Use either a Paladin's Spell holy purify [Cleanse], a Priest's Spell nature nullifydisease [Dispel Magic], or a Warlock can use their Fel Hunter pet and use Spell nature purge [Devour Magic] on the tank. If you are killing Steelbreaker first, melee must bunch up to benefit from Spell holy circleofrenewal [Circle of Healing], Spell nature healingwavegreater [Chain Heal] and Ability druid flourish [Wild Growth] used to counter the nature aura damage.

Phase 2: One Boss Dead[]

When one of the Iron Council dies, the other two will gain additional abilities. For the most part, they will be tanked in the same general areas but these new abilities will compensate for the dead boss.

Steelbreaker will gain Static Disruption which will cause a random raid member not in melee to take 75% more nature damage for 20 seconds. The whole raid will need to be spread out as this is an aoe and will be extremely irritating to heal through if it hits more than one player.

Molgeim now has a Rune of Death, which will be cast on a random raid member. It is a big, green rune that is impossible to visually miss. Melee and ranged must bunch up and be ready to move in the same general path to avoid confusion, splitting up, and getting out of range of heals.

Brundir will gain Lightning Whirl, which animates like whirlwind and will shoot random lightning bolts at raid members which will deal a large amount of nature damage to random raid members. It can, and should, be interrupted.

Phase 3: Two bosses dead[]

When two of the three bosses are dead, the last one will separate into a unique phase different from their usual abilities in the previous phases. Players must be alert during this phase because elements are introduced that will almost instantly wipe the group if they don't coordinate around them.


Blow Bloodlust/Heroism and hit Steelbreaker with an almost impossible amount of DPS to kill him before you run out of tanks due to Meltdown. The DPS and healing requirements of this achievement are extremely high so it is not recommended for most groups.

Runemaster Molgeim[]

Molgeim will open up a Rune of Summoning (purple void zone spawn akin to the voidwalkers in TBC) which will spawn lightning elemental adds which will explode for a high amount of damage to anyone within 30 yards when they reach their aggro target. They spawn one at a time, but up to 8 or 9 adds total will be spawned rapidly. They are tauntable and will race after the random players, but they can be taunted by tanks for an emergency target switch. Improved Blizzard and Earthbind Totem DO work on the lightning elementals. All players should move as far from the zone as possible, dropping AoEs in prep for the add arrivals. All AoE helps, however every effort should be made to avoid meeting the adds in melee. If an add bolts free of the AoE, targeted members should run while ranged helps dps down the loose add. Good communication and proper reaction to the add spawns is essential. Also to note, while not necessarily safe, melee dps can help kill the adds as long as one is not chasing them, although it is preferred to let ranged dps take down the spawns.

Stormcaller Brundir[]

Brundir will lift up into the air and gain Lightning Tendrils. Anybody within a 10 yd range of Brundir will get hit by these tendrils for high nature damage; standing near him for more than a couple of seconds will prove fatal if you are not a tank. He is tauntable, but will clear aggro every time he lifts up into the air, and taunting during Lightning Tendrils will not change his target or course. Occasionally he will fall to the ground and melee can move in to attack, but he will lift again without warning and hit them with his tendrils.


The Inv misc platnumdisks [Archivum Data Disc] / Inv misc platnumdisks [Archivum Data Disc] also drops if runemaster Molgeim is killed last.

10-Man Hardmode
25-Man Hardmode

Related achievements[]

The following achievements are for the encounter's hard mode.



You will not defeat the Assembly of Iron so easily, invaders!
You seek the secrets of Ulduar? Then take them!
Killing a player
  • So fragile and weak!
  • Flesh... such a hindrance.
This meeting of the Assembly of Iron is adjourned!
  • My death only serves to hasten your demise.
  • Impossible!

Runemaster Molgeim[]

Nothing short of total decimation will suffice.
Rune of Death
Decipher this!
Summon adds
Face the lightning surge!
Killing a player
  • The world suffers yet another insignificant loss.
  • Death is the price of your arrogance.
This meeting of the Assembly of Iron is adjourned!
  • The legacy of storms shall not be undone.
  • What have you gained from my defeat? You are no less doomed, mortals!

Stormcaller Brundir[]

Whether the world's greatest gnats or the world's greatest heroes, you're still only mortal!
Stand still and stare into the light!
Taking flight
Let the storm clouds rise and rain down death from above!
Killing a player
  • A merciful kill!
  • HAH!
This meeting of the Assembly of Iron is adjourned!
  • The power of the storm lives on...
  • You rush headlong into the maw of madness!

Sound Files[]

See Sound Files of Ulduar: Assembly of Iron


10-man encounter[]

25-man encounter[]

Patch changes[]


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