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Astral Power

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Astral Power is the resource available to Balance druids, which is generated by certain abilities, mostly when they are cast, and spent on more powerful ones. The amount of Astral Power currently available to the caster is denoted with a special bar below their health bar, and it replaces the mana bar while in Balance specialization. By default, druids start with an empty Astral Power bar which is then filled as they use certain abilities.




  • [Force of Nature] generates 20 Astral Power.
  • [Fury of Elune] generates 40 Astral Power over 8s when channeled.
  • [Nature's Balance] - passively generates 0.5 Astral Power per second, and regenerate to a minimum of 50 Astral Power out of combat.
  • [Solstice] - passively increases frequency of Shooting Stars' Astral Power generation during an eclipse.
  • [Soul of the Forest] - passively increases the Astral Power generation of Wrath, temporarily during its eclipse.
  • [Stellar Flare] generates 8 Astral Power.
  • [Warrior of Elune] - temporarily increases the Astral Power generation of Starfire.


Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Added. Balance druid abilities no longer use mana.