At Your Command

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AllianceAt Your Command
Start Foreman Eksos [69.9, 20.8]
End Foreman Eksos [69.9, 20.8]
Level 94 (Requires 94)
Category Talador
Experience 1400
Rewards 1g 30s
Previous A [94] The Critical Path
Next Wrynn Artillery Tower: A [94] The Quarry Quandary
Arcane Sanctum: A [94] An Audience With The Archmage


Choose which outpost structure to construct.


I'm glad you're here!

Fort Wrynn is nearly complete. We only need to fill this last plot.

Baros provided us with blueprints for two different structures that would fit this space - an Artillery Tower or an Arcane Sanctum.

It's your call, commander. The plans are on the drafting table for your perusal.


You will receive: 1g 30s


At your command.

Abandoning quest after choosing
Foreman Eksos yells: We're moving in a different direction. Tear this building down!


Excellent. This will do nicely.

On complete:

Baros Alexston spawns by Skyguard Amelia, runs to the front of the building and turns around.
Baros Alexston yells: Good people of Fort Wrynn, our commander has finalized construction on a new building!
Baros Alexston yells: We're going to need to work together to get it up to full production. See to it that our commander is not kept waiting!
Baros Alexston says: You can handle things from here, I'm sure. Well done!
Baros runs back to Amelia and grabs the flight path back to Lunarfall.


  • 1400 XP


What outpost structure should we construct?

Wrynn Artillery Tower
The Wrynn Artillery Tower will provide higher quality weapons and armor for your troops.
Once fully operational, the Wrynn Artillery Tower grants the use of [Artillery Strike] within Talador.
  • Artillery Strike 40 yd range — Orders your Armory to begin an artillery strike at the targeted location. The Armory will fire 3 volleys over 3 sec. Each volley deals 32,960 damage to all affected enemies and stunning them for 3 sec. Max 3 charges Instant. (3.33 min recharge)
Arcane Sanctum
The Arcane Sanctum will transform some of your forces into powerful spellcasters.
Once fully operational, it grants the use of [Guardian Orb] within Talador.
  • Guardian Orb — Summons a Guardian Orb at your location that electrocutes enemies within 15 yards for 12,360 damage every 2 sec for 30 sec. Instant. (5 min cooldown)


  1. B [94] News from Talador
  2. A [94] The Critical Path / H [94] It's a Matter of Strategy
  3. B [94] At Your Command

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