NeutralAt the Azerite Time
Start Magni Bronzebeard
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category Heart of Azeroth
Rewards  [Radiant Azerite Matrix] (1,500 [Azerite])
2g 34s
Previous N [50] Defending the Maelstrom


Return to the Chamber of Heart.


Ye did it! Ye stopped the damage before it could get any worse!

The Maelstrom will always be a place o' great history an' pain fer Azeroth, but any little bit we do will make things better. Who knows, maybe we can even heal Silithus one day!

I'll meet ye back in the Chamber o' Heart. MOTHER's sure tae be interested in what happened here.


You will receive:


Heart examination complete. Additional Azerite amplification activated.


On accept
Farseer Nobundo says: You must hurry. Though the pain of the earth lessens, I fear that there is little time left to save what remains of Azeroth.
Magni Bronzebeard says: I know, I know! We're doin' all we can an' we've enlisted some powerful help.
Farseer Nobundo says: That is good to hear. We are much stronger when we stand together. Good luck.


  1. N [50] Back to the Chamber
  2. N [50] An Old Scar
  3. N [50] Defending the Maelstrom
  4. N [50] At the Azerite Time

PTR version


It's incredible though, don't ye feel it? The Heart has absorbed more of Azeroth's vital energies via the Maelstrom.

I think we should get this back tae the Chamber of Heart tae show MOTHER.

I'll meet ye back there.

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