Atal'Dazar loading screen.jpg
Location Zuldazar, Zandalar
Race(s) Zandalari trollZandalari troll Zandalari troll
End boss IconSmall Yazma.gif Yazma
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 110 - 120
Player limit 5

Priestess Alun'za


Atal'Dazar (5)

Priestess Alun'za

Kings' Rest (5)

The Golden Serpent
Mchimba the Embalmer
Council of Tribes
King Dazar

Atal'Dazar is the first of two wings of the area also known as Atal'Dazar alongside with Kings' Rest. It is a 5-man instance in Battle for Azeroth.

Adventure Guide

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Concept art.

For millennia, the Zandalari kings were laid to rest within the tombs of Atal'Dazar, secluded high atop the mountain Mugamba. These pyramids grew more elaborate with each passing ruler, as new rooms were constructed to house the deceased's vast wealth. Now, these once pristine halls have been corrupted by the Prophet Zul and his trusted lieutenant, Yazma, who seek to twist the power of these ancient kings for their own dark machinations.

Maps and subregions



  • The Gilded Menagerie
  • King's Rest
  • Sacrifical Pits
  • Shimmering Pinnacle


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Bosses Monsters NPCs
The Gilded Menagerie
Shimmering Pinnacle
Unnamed zone
Sacrifical Pits
King's Rest


Boss Item Type
IconSmall Alun'za.gif Priestess Alun'za  [Aureus Vessel] Intellect off-hand
 [Wand of Zealous Purification] Wand
 [Wristlinks of Alchemical Transfusion] Mail bracers
 [Cincture of Glittering Gold] Mail belt
 [Belt of Gleaming Determination] Leather belt
 [Legplates of Beaten Gold] Plate leggings
 [Embellished Ritual Sabatons] Plate boots
 [My'das Talisman] Agility trinket
IconSmall Vol'kaal.gif Vol'kaal  [Adulation Enforcer] Strength one-Hand mace
 [Drape of the Loyal Vassal] Cloak
 [Wraps of Everliving Fealty] Cloth bracers
 [Grips of the Everlasting Guardian] Plate gauntlets
 [Gauntlets of Eternal Service] Mail gauntlets
 [Shambling Berserker's Leggings] Leather leggings
 [Revitalizing Voodoo Totem] Intellect trinket
IconSmall UndeadRezan.gif Rezan Hallowed Ossein Longbow Bow
 [Soulrending Claw] Agility fist weapon
Disc of Indomitable Will Shield
 [Venerated Raptorhide Bindings] Leather bracers
Kilt of Fanatical Consumption Mail leggings
Devilsaur Worshipper's Sandals Cloth boots
 [Seal of the Regal Loa] Ring
Rezan's Gleaming Eye Strength trinket
 [Tome of Hex: Skeletal Hatchling] Shaman tome
IconSmall Yazma.gif Yazma Soulrender's Fang Agility dagger
Soulspun Casque Azerite Plate helmet
 [Coif of the Court Spider] Azerite Mail helmet
Secret Spinner's Miter Azerite Cloth helmet
Mantle of Fastidious Machinations Azerite Leather shoulders
Spymaster's Wraps Azerite Leather chest
Loa Betrayer's Vestments Azerite Cloth chest
 [Shadowshroud Vambraces] Plate bracers
Souldrifting Sabatons Mail boots
 [Vessel of Skittering Shadows] Intellect trinket


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Brann Bronzebeard says: Aye, this is the place. I can feel the power o' these relics deep in me bones.
Brann Bronzebeard says: 'Course, we're not the only ones drawn 'ere by 'em.
Yazma says: You are too late, outsiders! De temple belongs to my master now.
Yazma says: Soon Zul will awaken Dazar, den de troll empire will rise again!
Rezan defeated
Yazma says: Rezan was a powerful loa. Perhaps you will make a worthy sacrifice for Zul.
Vol'kaal defeated
Yazma says: Vol'kaal... in pieces again? No matter... I can rebuild him. But when YOU die, there will be no coming back!
Alun'za defeated
Yazma says: My thanks for killing de priestess. You have only succeeded in strengthening my hold on de temple!
Yazma remaining
Yazma says: Impressive. You made it farther than I thought... but I will still be drinking your blood.



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