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Zul the Prophet
Zul, the Prophet
Main leader IconSmall Zul Prophet Zul †
Secondary leaders IconSmall Zandalari Female IconSmall Yazma Yazma †
IconSmall DireZandalari IconSmall Vol'kaal Vol'kaal †
IconSmall Zandalari Male Vilnak'dor †
IconSmall Mogu Male Warlord Kao † (as ally)
Race(s) Zandalari trollZandalari troll Zandalari troll
MoguMogu Mogu (allies)
Character classes Assassin, Inquisitor, Sailor
Base of operations Atal'Dazar, Kings' Rest
Theater of operations Zandalar
Affiliation G'huun
Status Unknown (presumed disbanded)

The Atal'zul are an extremist faction of Zandalari trolls, led by the Dark Prophet Zul. Seeing Rastakhan as a weak king, Zul leads a coup against him. Zul and his lieutenant, Yazma, have corrupted the once pristine tombs of Atal'Dazar on Mount Mugamba. They seek to twist the power of the ancient kings buried there for their own dark machinations,[1] and revive Dazar, first king of the Zandalari. Zul had also witnessed the Drakkari tribe draining their loa for power in Zul'Drak, and sought to do the same to the loa of Zandalar.[2][3] They were considered heretics.[4][5][6][7]

The Kao-Tien mogu led by Warlord Kao and Vilnak'dor attacked the Zandalari at Warport Rastari in Zuldazar. In truth, it was a distraction, so that Zul could begin his coup against Rastakhan.[8] At the Temple of the Prophet and the Temple of Rezan, more mogu appeared to aid Zul after his rebellion became public.

It is unknown what happens or remains of them after the death of their leader, however, those who were exiled from the Zandalari due to being sympathetic with Zul's coup were welcomed into the Widow's Bite.

It is most probably that the Atal'zul were disbanded, and that their followers merged with the Widow's Bite.




Other followers and allies


  • Atal'zul most likely means "devoted of Zul" in Zandali, since Atal'ai means "devoted ones".[9]