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Attack on Zul'dare
Location Zul'Dare, Channel Islands

Alliance of Lordaeron victory

  • Withdrawal of the Horde from the shores of Lordaeron

Alliance of Lordaeron


Orcish Horde

Commanders and leaders

Alliance of Lordaeron

  • Unknown Alliance commander
  • IconSmall HighElf Male.gif Milan

Orcish Horde

  • Unknown Horde commander
Casualties and losses

Alliance of Lordaeron

  • Moderate

Orcish Horde

  • Heavy
Previous Alliance Southshore
Next Alliance Tol Barad
Alternate level Horde Assault on Hillsbrad
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Attack on Zul'dare is the fourth mission of the Alliance campaign in Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness.

Mission briefing

Having established some order in the region with a display of naval power, Admiral Proudmoore advises that the time has come to search out the secret lair of the Orcs. Scouts report that this base is located somewhere within the Zul'dare region of the Channel Islands, just south-east of Hillsbrad. Lordaeron artificers have completed designs for a Foundry. With this new innovation, you will be able to construct Transport ships that can ferry your troops across large bodies of water. These vessels should provide great assistance in the completion of your task.


  • Destroy the Orc base



Note: this account comes from the Official Strategy Guide, which features a first-person description of each mission from the game.

Given the threat of enemy ships nearby, the Alliance's first priority was to get a shipyard into operation as soon as possible. First, they sent their workers into the gold mine for the purpose of training more. At the same time, the two destroyers that had brought them there were sent from the northern shore around to the south where an enemy destroyer guarded an oil patch. When it was safely below the waves, they remained near the shore to guard the shipyard site. After training several more peasants, they placed half of them in the mines and set the other half to collecting lumber. Soon they raised a lumber mill, and soon after, began construction of the shipyard on the southern shore near camp. Taking no chances, they constructed a barracks to train a force of archers for the coming amphibious assault. Though they were still training peasants and building farms, there was more than enough material and sufficient laborers to start the oil refinery and foundry. Meanwhile, new oil tankers began exploiting the nearby patch of oil.

With all the necessary structures in place and operational, they next began preparations for war. They raised guard towers on the north shore to fend off landing raiders and spent time upgrading their arrows, ship cannons, and armor. More destroyers were necessary to clear the way for their transport ships, which were constructed only after they already had five destroyers in the water. During this time, they continually trained new archers until there were ten units, which easily defended the camp until transports that would carry them were completed. Their fleet of destroyers began the operation by sailing south and southeast, directly into enemy territory, soon there was little opposition to them reducing the platforms and coastal structures to piles of smoking ash. With that completed, they anchored the destroyers close to shore near the enemy camp and let them fire at orcs for sport while the transports were being loaded with ten archers and two peasants. Once they had landed safely just west of the Alliance destroyers, the archers made sure the workers could construct two guard towers directly north of the destroyers. They were very careful not to let the archers wander into the camp, keeping them close to the towers and destroyers for defense. Once the guard towers were in place and upgraded, next came a barracks, whose completion spelled doom for the orcs.

While they were cleaning up the enemy camp, the remaining enemy ships in the area decided to try for their home base. They were soundly defeated by the guard towers that the Alliance force had constructed along the shore. They then sought out and killed the few remaining orcs, and celebrated their victory among the ruins, which still burned and smoked angrily. It had been a great triumph for the Alliance.[1]


Although the Horde's base on Zul'Dare had been destroyed, and the Horde driven from the shores of Lordaeron it was a bittersweet victory; the townships of Hillsbrad and Southshore had been left in ruins. It was clear to the Alliance that the war would cost the them dearly. Meanwhile, Milan's commander was ordered to Khaz Modan to assist the forces of Stromgarde and Kul Tiras.[2]


Alliance of Lordaeron
Orcish Horde


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