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Attacking from the Shadows is a short story in the World of Warcraft Official Strategy Guide.

A rogue named Saslen, is journeying with his companions, Gothara, Wertala, and Sinsear when they decide to attack a camp of quilboars in the Barrens at night. While his friends waited up on a far hill, he had sneaked into group of quilboars, and they could not see him. He then signaled to his companions that there were four quilboars in the camp. The tauren warrior Gothara rushed the camp, she roared, putting wariness into the quilboar, causing them to fight poorly.

The troll priest, Wertala chanted the seven troll words for pain, causing one of the quilboars to suffer. The warlock Sinsear sent his voidwalker to attack the enemy.

However one of the quilboars was undaunted and began to bring the power of elemental flame from the land. The others were already preoccupied to bring force to the foe. Saslen had his own plan however. He snuck behind the caster, and cut into its back, four times in quick succession. The quilboar turned to look at him with fear in its eyes. The quilboar could not finish its spell, as his words were slurred from the poison the rogue had inflicted. The rogue killed the quilboar with one final cut. The creatures called for assistance, but none were left to heed their cry.


  • Hinted to be non-canon.[1]


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