Fatescribe Roh-Tahl.png
Racial leader(s) IconSmall Arbiter.gif The Arbiter (inactive)
IconSmall Attendant.gif Tal-Inara
IconSmall Attendant.gif Archivist Roh-Suir
IconSmall TheJailer.gif The Jailer
Area(s) Oribos, Korthia

The Attendants are a race of mysterious beings who were created to maintain the city of Oribos and ensure that the Arbiter carries out her duties without interruption. All of their decisions are guided by "the Purpose", a belief that the Shadowlands follow a pattern laid out by the Arbiter in her infinite wisdom. Each Attendant that serves the Purpose is assigned to one of three paths:

  • Caretakers maintain the stability and operations of Oribos and tend to the Arbiter's needs.
  • Scholars hold the knowledge of the Eternal City. From within this circle, an Honored Voice is selected to speak on behalf of the ever-silent Arbiter.
  • Protectors serve as a stoic militia who defend Oribos and maintain the order within.

Recently, the Arbiter has gone dormant and is no longer directing souls to their just afterlives. Attendants have sought in vain to unravel this mystery, causing some to question their faith in the Purpose.[1]

Korthian attendants led by their Archivist have committed their existence to researching the relics from across the Shadowlands, they are dedicated to recovering the relics scattered across Korthia in the wake of the mawsworn invasion.[2]




  • Caretakers and scholars use male night elf animations, and protectors use male human animations.