The Auction House in the Valley of Strength

The Auction House interior view

The Auction House[54.2, 73.6] is one of several auction houses in Orgrimmar, this one located in the Valley of Strength, and is considered the main Auction House for most Horde players. Though it was remodeled during the Cataclysm, it can still be considered the original auction house of Orgrimmar. It is run by a group of goblins and is perhaps the most heavily visited of the auction houses in the city.

The original building contained three auctioneers—Auctioneer Thathung, Auctioneer Wabang, and Auctioneer Grimful—and also three Orgrimmar Grunts standing behind them.

During the battle at the Gates of Orgrimmar, Fazdran and Xifa left the auction house and put the "Back Later" and "Gone To Watch The Fight" signs.


WoW Icon update.png The subject of this section was removed from World of Warcraft in patch 4.0.3a but is present in Classic.


  • In the original auction house, the grunts weren't always there, but sometimes Alliance players would sneak behind the auctioneers on the platform they are standing on and kill them. For this reason, several Orgrimmar Grunts were placed there.


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