NeutralAudience with the Arbiter

The Arbiter and Tal-Inara
Start Tal-Inara [40.8, 65.8]
End Overseer Kah-Delen [39.8, 66.1]
Level 50 (Requires 48)
Category Shadowlands Campaign
Experience 3,850
Rewards 11g 70s
Previous N [50] No Place for the Living
Next N [50] Tether to Home


The Voice of the Arbiter wishes you to join them in the Arbiter's chamber.


I am Tal-Inara, Honored Voice of the Arbiter. I speak for she who is ever silent.

The Arbiter watches over Oribos. She blesses us with her wisdom. Every mortal soul that enters the Shadowlands passes before her for judgment.

In the merest fraction of a moment, she sees every glory, every folly, every joy, every regret. With this knowledge, she chooses an ideal afterlife for that soul.

At least, she did. Not long ago, catastrophe struck, and ...

Come. Some things are better seen than explained.


You will receive:

  • 11g 70s
  • 3,850 XP


The Purpose guides us always.


We may find a shared cause in the Purpose. It has sent you to us.


Speak with Tal-Inara:

The Purpose has sent you to us. I know it.

Gossip I will join you.

Tal-Inara says: I pray the Arbiter will awaken in your presence, mortal.

Tal-Inara teleports themself and the player to the Crucible. There, The Arbiter is present, but apparently asleep. Speak with Tal-Inara to continue:

The Purpose has sent you to us. I know it.

Gossip What is this place?

Tal-Inara says: She is unchanged. Ever silent. Ever still.
Tal-Inara says: When you arrived in Oribos, I saw the Arbiter stir for the first time in many cycles. It gave me hope that she would awaken and resume her blessed Purpose.
Tal-Inara says: Mere words cannot describe the glory that was. Step forward, that I may show you.
A cinematic plays, "Breaking the Arbiter"
For uncounted eons, the Shadowlands was in perfect order.
Infinite afterlives, with Oribos, the Eternal City, as the shining heart.
Every mortal soul came before the Arbiter. And she, ever wise, experienced all that had shaped a soul in life.
With this knowledge, she consigned every soul to the afterlife it justly deserved.
A red soul streaks into the Arbiter, as she shrieks.
In that dread moment, our perfect order was shattered.
And so it is that every soul, kind and cruel alike, is denied its rightful afterlife, and instead is damned to the inescapable torment of the Maw.

On the other side of the pre-rendered cinematic:

Tal-Inara says: Now souls rich with anima travel only to the Maw. We have tried everything to stop it, to awaken our blessed Arbiter... to no avail.
Tal-Inara says: Without anima, drought has gripped the Shadowlands. The afterlives have grown isolated. Fear and uncertainty haunt us all.
Tal-Inara says: With countless souls feeding the Jailer, I fear he may grow strong enough to break free from the Maw.
Tal-Inara says: It is said he is filled with hatred for the Arbiter. If he strikes her down, it would bring the end of everything the First Ones made.
Tal-Inara says: Return to the lower levels. The overseers will prepare you for what is to come.

Speak with Tal-Inara again:

The Purpose has sent you to us. I know it.

Gossip I am ready to return.


  1. N [50] Stranger in an Even Stranger Land
  2. N [50] No Place for the Living
  3. N [50] Audience with the Arbiter
  4. N [50] Tether to Home
  5. N [50] A Doorway Through the Veil
  6. N [50] The Eternal City
  7. N [50] Understanding the Shadowlands
  8. N [50] The Path to Bastion
  9. N [50] Seek the Ascended

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