Augustus' Receipt Book (quest)

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NeutralAugustus' Receipt Book
Start Augustus the Touched
End Augustus the Touched
Level 44 (Requires 41)
Category Eastern Plaguelands
Experience 5290
Rewards 65s


Get Augustus' Receipt Book from the inn in Terrordale.


I'm ready for business! What do you want?

Oh wait... I can't open up shop without my receipt book. How am I to keep track of things without my receipt book?

I must have left it in town somewhere. I had a room in the inn... the book must be there.

Bring me my book. Please, bring it to me! Bring me my book and you'll see! I'll set up shop and you'll see that my prices are INSANE!


Do you have my receipt book? I can't wait to get back to business!


There it is! And oh my! I forgot how full it was!

This is a glorious day, <name>! Stupendous! Insanely good, I say!


You will receive: 65s


If you complete this quest, Augustus the Touched gains a dialog option:

Yes, Augustus. I would like to do business.

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