Aura of Nature

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Spell nature spiritarmor.png
  • Aura of Nature
  • Stunned.
  • Duration: 2 minutes

Aura of Nature is an ability used by the Dragons of Nightmare. Normally the aura is unnoticeable and invisible, having little to no effect on the fight with the dragons as long as everyone stays alive. However, if a player dies within the aura's radius, the aura will apply the debuff [Mark of Nature] to him/her. Aura of Nature will further affect units with this debuff, forcing them to fall asleep and stun them for 2 minutes. The effect's purpose is a fight-"limiter", preventing dying players from corpse running back to the still-alive raid and graveyard zerg the dragons.[1]


  • This mechanic is similar to the mechanic of the blue dragon Azuregos and Aura of Frost, along with his Mark of Frost.
  • Aura of Nature does not create any graphic effects, nor does it show up on the combat log. It is therefore hard to perceive. Players have, however, observed that some out-of-combat actions such as eating, drinking and bandaging has been interrupted when attempting to perform the action close to a living nightmare-dragon. Likewise, [Stealth] will be dispelled.[1] Most likely, this is the pulsing aura. Judging from the interruptions, it pulses every third to fifth second. The range is estimated to be around 200-300 yards.[1]
  • The stun will be refreshed as long as both Mark of Nature and Aura of Nature is present.[1]
  • Aura of Nature will refresh Mark of Nature to its full 15 minute duration each time a player who already has Mark of Nature dies.
  • It seems Aura of Nature will not immediately stun a player with Mark of Nature. Before it happens, several seconds may pass.[2] This is also the case with Aura of Frost and Mark of Frost.


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