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Aurinor Ecosystem.

Aurinor is a world with blue grass and trees on floating islands with seemingly nothing but clouds below them. There are mysterious temporal anomalies on the islands. In Legion an Invasion Point connects Argus to this target location. The land resembles Shadowmoon Valley before the destruction of Draenor.


Map of the Aurinor scenario.
  • Small blue lights float around the world. While this is likely a magical occurrence, they could be some type of insect or other life form.


  • Glowing orange flowers
  • Glowing purple tri-cap mushrooms
  • Spikey blue and purple bushes
  • Greenish-blue grass
  • Large blue cap mushrooms
  • Purple dandelions-like plants
  • Blue-orb/flower Lilly pads
  • Blue-leaved deciduous trees


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