NeutralAuthor! Author!
Start Archmage Khadgar [49.8, 48.4]
End Archmage Khadgar [49.8, 48.4]
Level 10-45
Category Dalaran
Experience 3,750
Rewards 3g 75s
Previous N [10-45] Anomalous Anomalies
Next N [10-45] In the Blink of an Eye


Tell Khadgar to begin the ritual to summon the spirit of Alodi, the first Guardian.

  • Summon Alodi and Learn the Location of the Pillars


We've reviewed the tome recovered from Karazhan. Though we found references to the Pillars of Creation, one piece of crucial information was omitted from the book... where to find the artifacts.

Fortunately, we have access to an expert on the subject.

The author, Alodi, was the first Guardian of Tirisfal. His spirit is forever bound to the Forge of the Guardian, which has been hidden in our safekeeping. I think the time has come to call him forth.


You will receive: 3g 75s


Alodi's knowledge of the Pillars of Creation is crucial to our campaign against the Legion.


We may not have the exact location of the Pillars of Creation, but at least we know where to start. We'll explore every corner of the Broken Isles until they're recovered.

The Legion's attack is intensifying. We must prepare to move Dalaran to the Broken Isles!



Quest accept
Archmage Khadgar says: Speak to me when you're ready to begin, <name>.
I will summon the spirit of Alodi, the first Guardian of Tirisfal. Let me know when you would like me to begin.
Gossip Begin the summoning.
Khadgar turns to a spot at his right, outside of the circle. Modera walks up near him.
Archmage Khadgar says: I call forth the spirit of the first Guardian!
Alodi's spirit spawns a few steps away and approaches the two.
Archmage Khadgar says: Greetings, Alodi. I am Khadgar, archmage of the Kirin--
The other Council members turn to Alodi.
Alodi says: I know of you. The apprentice who refuses the mantle I first wore. What do you need of me?
Archmage Khadgar says: The Burning Legion has returned. To stop them, we scoured the library of Karazhan for a tome you authored called ' [Notable Antiquities of Ancient Azeroth]'.
Archmage Modera says: We're seeking five ancient artifacts called the Pillars of Creation. Your writing didn't specify where to find them.
Alodi says: Of course not! The Pillars represent primordial power. Even as Guardian, I dared not trifle with them.
Archmage Khadgar says: Finding these artifacts is crucial. The Pillars are the only thing that can seal the Legion's portal in the Tomb of Sargeras.
Alodi says: Vey well. My research led me to the Broken Isles. Though I never found their exact locations, I believe the Pillars lie in the hands of the peoples of that ancient land.
Archmage Modera says: That gives us a place to start, at least. We will search every inch of the Broken Isles if need be.
Alodi says: You must make haste to find them. In the Legion's hands, the Pillars of Creation could unleash untold devastation upon our world. Good luck.
Alodi vanishes. Modera walks back to her spot.
Quest completion
Archmage Khadgar says: We must gather our strength. The spell to move the city will be taxing.

On interaction afterwards:

Give us time to prepare, <name>.
Protect the city from the Legion, or use your map to find an invasion to stop.
When the time is right to begin, I will call for you.


  1. B [10-45] Calling of the Council
  2. N [10-45] The Diamond King
  3. N [10-45] Hiding in the Stacks
  4. N [10-45] City Under Siege
  5. N [10-45] Anomalous Anomalies
  6. N [10-45] Author! Author!
  7. N [10-45] In the Blink of an Eye or N [10-45] In the Blink of an Eye

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