Auto unstuck is a facility which allows players to get out of otherwise irreconcilable situations. If the player is in a part of the game world which they are unable to walk out of ("stuck") then the facility will give them some aid. It will perform the following tasks:

  • If the player is dead, it will return them to the graveyard closest to their corpse.
  • If the player is alive, and their  [Hearthstone] is in their inventory, and their hearthstone is cooled down, it will activate their hearthstone. The 30 minute hearthstone cooldown is activated as usual.
  • If the player is alive, but their hearthstone is either not in their inventory (e.g. in the bank) or their hearthstone is on cooldown, then the game will try to "nudge" the player in a seemingly random direction (though more often than not it will be in the direction they are facing). This "spell" is called "Stuck", has a 10 second cast time and a 5 minute cooldown.

It is thought that the "auto unstuck" feature simply calls the Stuck() function, but this is unknown as Stuck() can only be called from secure code.

"Auto unstuck" was introduced in Patch 1.1.1.

Activating auto unstuck

To activate auto unstuck, take the following procedure:

  1. Click on the "?" icon at the bottom to enter the support system.
  2. Click on "Open a ticket".
  3. Click on "Stuck".
  4. Click on "Auto unstuck".

This procedure will not open a ticket to a GM as such, but it will record your location along with your character name, so that Blizzard can investigate in future and make sure to correct the bug which you have discovered.

Misuse of auto unstuck

It is well-known that it is possible to misuse auto unstuck. Prior to patch 2.0.12, players used auto unstuck as a "second hearthstone", because it would allow them to teleport to their home location whenever their hearthstone was on cooldown. But since that patch, the auto unstuck activates the hearthstone cooldown, and as discussed above, it does not teleport you to your home location if the hearthstone is on cooldown.

Another popular misuse of the hearthstone is to access closed subzones, but such behaviour is almost certainly classed as misuse.