NeutralAvast Ye, Admiral!
Start Fleet Master Firallon
End Fleet Master Firallon
Level 10-30
Category Northern Stranglethorn
Experience 14,180
Rewards  [Bloodsail Admiral's Hat]
Title: Bloodsail Admiral
Previous N [10-30] Avast Ye, Scallywag


Slay Fleet Master Seahorn and Baron Revilgaz of Booty Bay, and then return to Fleet Master Firallon aboard the Crimson Veil off the coast of Stranglethorn Vale.


Listen close, sea dawg... the powers of Booty Bay is what keeps us Bloodsail from sailing wheres we like and taking whats we want as rights o' plunder. Were ye to put a knife to Fleet Master Seahorn, we'd ne'er run afoul of a Booty Bay's vessel. Were ye to put a knife to Baron Revilgaz, we'd ne'er face the law on their terms.

If ye are to be an honorary admiral amongst us - yes, ADMIRAL, you'll puts a knife to both of 'em as I've says. Go now <lad/lass> and return to me once ye does the deeds.


Avast ye... Admiral <name>! Yer a pirate of pirates, <lad/lass>!

It warms the cackles of me heart to give ye this hat. Ye will ne'er find one like it anywheres, and all that gazes upon ye will see that yer an Admiral of the Bloodsail Navy!



  • The levels of the Booty Bay Bruisers have increased twice (first to level 67, then to 77, and now 85) since this quest was implemented, to coincide with the increase in the players' level cap. As of Wrath of the Lich King, it is recommended - if attempting this quest below level 80 - to have a friend or two handy to help deal with the guards leading to Revilgaz and Seahorn, as well as the ones aggroed (and spawned) upon attacking them.
  • This quest helps complete the achievement  [Northern Stranglethorn Quests] instead of the  [Cape of Stranglethorn Quests].


  1. N [10-30] Avast Ye, Scallywag
  2. N [10-30] Avast Ye, Admiral!

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