AllianceAvatar of Smoldering Vengeance
Image of Avatar of Smoldering Vengeance
Gender Both
Race Avatar of Vengeance (Humanoid)
Level Elite
Reaction Horde
Location Dredge, Darkshore

The Avatars of Smoldering Vengeance are avatars of vengeance summoned by Maiev Shadowsong on the Dredge in Darkshore during the Battle for Darkshore.


  • Ability fixated state orange.png  Fixated — The caster focuses all their ire at the target, focusing on nothing else.
  • Ability mage worldinflames.png  Smoldering Vengeance — The Avatar is still burning with Vengeance. Any players caught in the path of the Avatar suffer 40 Fire damage and an additional 60 Fire damage over 10 sec.

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