Aviana's Request

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NeutralAviana's Request
Start Skylord Omnuron
End Skylord Omnuron
Level 100 (Requires 100)
Category Skyreach
Experience 15,070 XP
Rewards  [Aviana's Feather]
15g 40s


Collect some Pristine Plumage in Skyreach.


The arakkoa are creatures of the sky, and are thus within the domain of the great Aviana.

I have been sent to procure a feather, that we may parley with them through the language of the winds. We will extend an invitation of peace, and a place on the Great Bough.

Would you aid us in this quest? The feather must come from an arakkoan of nobility. You will find them in the place known as Skyreach.


Did you bring a feather?


My thanks, <name>. Aviana will be pleased, and we may yet be able to aid you.

Aviana has sought fit to bless you with this, use it well.


You will receive: 15g 40s
Ability priest angelicfeather.png [Aviana's Feather]




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