Awaken the Dreamer

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NeutralAwaken the Dreamer
Start Lord Herne [47.9, 53.8]
End Winter Queen [45.3, 63.0]
Level 58 (Requires 58)
Category Ardenweald
Experience 3,400
Rewards 12g 63s 60c
Previous N [58] Dying Dreams
Next N [58] The Court of Winter


Travel to the Grove of Awakening.


Much of the Queen's focus has centered on the Grove of Awakening, where rejuvenated spirits emerge from their wildseeds and return to their worlds.

Perhaps it is fitting you carry a wounded spirit with you.

<Lord Herne studies Ysera's wildseed for a moment before a slow grin spreads across his face.>

This one fights with all of her being. Even now she clings to existence.

Come stranger, let us see what fate the Queen will decree for this one.


You will receive:

  • 12g 63s 60c
  • 3,400 XP


<The Winter Queen turns her gaze upon you.>

How curious to see someone like you in my forest.


On accept, the party starts running to the Grove of Awakening. No need to wait, run ahead, however if the player disconnects, upon logging in they will have to speak with Lady Moonberry, again, to trigger the march. As players enter the area, a cinematic plays, "Ysera Reborn":

The Winter Queen teleports in as the party comes to a stop.
Lady Moonberry: My queen! Please help us.
Winter Queen: This... is of my sister. Why have you brought it to me?
Lady Moonberry: This one... is slipping away.
Winter Queen: Our duty is grim. Many have been lost. Why should I save her pet?
Lady Moonberry: Those who have dreamed by its side awaken with a joy and peace that whispers of wonder.
Lady Moonberry: If she dies, then all that is emerald dies with her.
Out of shot, Ara'lon speaks, drawing the attention of both Moonberry and the Queen.
Ara'lon: Some must be sacrificed. But some must be saved.
Ara'lon: If we forget that, all that will remain will be empty shells and sorrow.
The Winter Queen takes a long look, closes her eyes, then channels some of her anima into Ysera's wildseed, withering one of her leaves in the process. Anima flows out of the now open wildseed, forming the constellation Ysera took when she died. The Winter Queen waves her arm upward, launching Ysera's soul into the air, eyes closed, wings flapping. With a roar that startles the fae, Ysera gently settles on the ground, opens her eyes, and bows her head before the Queen.

On complete:

Ysera says: I awaken once again... but in a world not my own....
Winter Queen says: You are reborn in Ardenweald, Child of Dreams. To this realm are you bound, and you will share its fate.


  1. N [58] The Forest Has Eyes and N [58] The Droman's Call
  2. N [58] Missing!
  3. N [58] Enemies at the Gates
  4. N [58] Battle for Hibernal Hollow
  5. N [58] Dying Dreams
  6. N [58] Awaken the Dreamer
  7. N [58] The Court of Winter
  8. N [58] The Queen's Request

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