Axe Specialization (warrior talent)

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For the orcish racial trait, see [Axe Specialization].
Axe Specialization
Inv axe 06.png
  • Axe Specialization (5 ranks)
  • Arms, Tier 5
  • Axe Specialization increases the chance a Warrior causes a Critical Hit, while wielding a one or two-handed axe.
Class Warrior
Tree Arms
Points required 20
Affects N/A

Axe Specialization increased the chance a Warrior could cause a critical strike while wielding a one- or two-handed axe.

This talent was merged into [Poleaxe Specialization], along with the similar talent [Polearm Specialization].


It was a passive Arms talent, and automatically increased the critical strike chance while holding an axe in the main hand.

Rank table

Rank Crit Chance Increase
1 +1%
2 +2%
3 +3%
4 +4%
5 +5%


One of the more useful Arms weapon specialization options, this was a must-have talent for an Arms/Fury Critical warrior build. Combined with [Berserker Stance], [Cruelty] and various items to gain the most Crit chance possible.

Especially useful to Orcish Warriors, in addition to their racial [Axe Specialization].

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