Axe of Durotan

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The sealed Axe of Durotan.
This article contains lore that is taken from the canceled game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans and is therefore non-canon.

In the canceled Warcraft Adventures the Axe of Durotan was a weapon that Drek'Thar tasked the young Thrall to retrieve. Unless he could return with the axe of his father, retrieving it from a sealed cave in the Alterac Mountains, he would be forced to leave Frostwolf Town forever.[1]

Thrall tricked a snow beast into breaking down the cave door, and found the large axe suspended in a block of solid ice upon a pedestal. Melting the ice in a hot spring that was also present in the cave, Thrall claimed his fathers' axe. Appearing on the pedestal were two hand-prints - Thrall found that his hands fitted perfectly, and a carving of Thrall's face appeared in the stone.[2]


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