"New troll here!"

Troll axethrower from a Warcraft II cinematic.

Axethrowers (also spelled axe throwers) are quite simply units that throw axes. Like spear-throwing, this is an activity favored by the various troll tribes. Through a combination of learning how to channel their rage and alchemical means, troll axethrowers can become known as berserkers.

Second War

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The trolls of Lordaeron had suffered ages of attrition at the hands of the humans, dwarves, and elves. The appearance of the Orcish Horde had given them the opportunity to ally themselves with kindred spirits with whom they could seek revenge upon their many enemies. More agile than the brutish orcs, trolls employed throwing axes - along with a cunning attack and retreat stratagem - to assail their foes. This combination of speed, range and the ability to bring down threats from above made them a valuable addition to the Orcish Horde.[1]

Even after the loss of the main Horde, some tribes decided to stay with their orcish allies, notably by being brought to Draenor by Kilrogg Deadeye and then spread among the various clans of the Horde of Draenor,[2] or by working for Dragonmaw clan in Khaz Modan. There, the orcs used troll axethrowers almost like hunting hounds, having them kill anything crossing their ruined lands.[3]



In Warcraft III.

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