MobAxis of Awful
Axis of Awful.jpg
Main leader IconSmall Gnoll.gif Sagepaw
Secondary leaders IconSmall Kobold.gif "Commander" Nazrim
IconSmall Murloc.gif Whitefin
Race(s) IconSmall Gnoll.gif Gnolls
IconSmall Murloc.gif Murlocs
IconSmall Trogg.gif Troggs
IconSmall Kobold.gif Kobolds
Theater of operations Loch Modan
Language(s) Low Common
Affiliation Independent
Status Disbanded

The Axis of Awful was an alliance between troggs, kobolds, gnolls, and murlocs. They were based out of a few small, nameless camps and the Silver Stream Mine in Loch Modan. The kobold members were notably bolder than usual. Their primary plan was to ally with the murlocs, who would then be armed with "gnoll-forged weapons of indestructible copper" that the troggs had mined for the kobolds. However, this alliance was foiled.[1]

They are the antagonists for the first subplot of the Loch Modan storyline.

Notable members

Their organization was as follows: the troggs worked for the kobolds, the kobolds worked for the gnolls, and the gnolls brought the murlocs with them from the Wetlands.[2]


  • The name of the organization is a reference to the Axis of evil.
  • These races are frequently killed by low-level players while questing.

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