3 ring Azerite interface with traits selected

The Azerite interface is a window displaying a set of available Azerite powers for a given piece of Azerite Armor, meaning the helm, shoulder, and chest slots.


3-ring color coded

4-ring color coded

Each ring of traits provides a specific type of benefit for the player to choose from.

Epic-quality gear, such as are rewards from raid dungeons, can have a fourth power tier available, which appears as the armor piece's second ring. Lower level gear will generally only have three rings available, and won't include this second ring.

If one changes their mind on any of the Azerite trait choices, you can always visit the Azerite Reforger in Boralus or in Zuldazar. While the cost is relatively low at first 5g, it will increase in cost the more times it is used. The cost won’t stay that high forever as every two days, the reforge cost will decrease by half.

Blue Ring - Class and Location Traits

The blue ring is the first row to unlock and will always contain specialization traits and one location trait.

  • The location trait is determined by how or where the item was acquired.
  • On this ring, there is one spec trait for every spec of the player's class.
    • As an example, for demon hunters, there will be two spec traits (one for Vengeance, one for Havoc) and for Druids, there will be four spec traits.
  • Some spec traits can be picked in another spec.

Green Ring - Role Traits

The green ring will only be present on pieces of item level 340 or higher and will offer the choice of three role traits.

This possible traits in this tier will change based depending on the player's class and if the player's class contains a spec that can heal and/or tank.

  • Role-Enhancing Traits provide the option of offensive traits for DPS, defensive options for tanks and healing options for healers.
  • Many traits will overlap between DPS, Tanking, and Healing, such a primary or secondary stat passive buffs.
  • Unlike the blue ring, one can choose traits that are not intended for the player's current specialization. If the player wants to be a more offensive healer or tank, they can choose the offensive options.
  • If the player is a pure DPS class, they will not have any healing or tanking traits. Similarly, a priest will not have the tanking traits.

Yellow Ring - Defensive Traits

The yellow ring will always contain a choice of two defensive traits.

  • Most of these defensive traits are generic, but there are two class-specific defensive traits for every class.
  • Defensive traits can be in the form of damage reduction, absorb shields or heals.


The center is the same for every piece of Azerite Armor and offers no choice. Each piece of Azerite Armor will allow the player to select the center ring for +5 Item Levels to the piece and increase the potency of all Azerite power on the Azerite Armor.


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