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"Azeroth's Last Hope" is the cinematic opening theme for World of Warcraft: Legion.



The cinematic is narrated by Varian Wrynn.

Varian: My son, a terrible darkness has returned to our world.

Varian sits writing in his cabin, as a storm is brewing outside.

Varian: As before, it seeks to annihilate all that we hold dear.

He looks at his compass on the table, opened to show a picture of Anduin Wrynn.

Varian: I go to face it, knowing I may not return.

An explosion of thunder outside, and he quickly packs up, seals the letter and puts everything, including the compass, into his pouch.

Varian: All my life, I have lived by the sword.

He heads outside, and onboard the gunship, the deck is shaking.

Varian: I have seen kingdoms burn and watched brave heroes die in vain.

Varian looks down at the Alliance fleet below. Fel meteors rain down from the sky, but none hit their mark.

Varian: It’s been... difficult for me to trust after losing so much.

Out of the mists the Horde zeppelin comes into view. Sylvanas Windrunner looks at Varian and offers him a small smile.

Varian: But from you, I have learned patience…tolerance... and faith.

Varian returns it with a nod and draws Shalamayne. As the two airships fly forwards, a storm of fel can be seen swirling above the Broken Isles. The first attack comes, flights of felbats. Varian commands the cannons to fire on the swarms.

Varian: OPEN FIRE!

Then, infernals come raining down from the sky. One hits the Alliance gunship and an infernal crawls out of the crater. It attacks Varian but Sylvanas shoots it in the arm. Varian now cleaves the infernal's arm off, then strikes it in the head, causing it to howl in agony and fall off the gunship and onto one of its engines, destroying the engine. The weight makes the gunship tip and fall towards the ocean.

The gunship submerges and Varian is left hanging in the water and his compass sinks away out of sight.

Varian: Anduin, I now believe as you do. That peace is the noblest aspiration.

Varian sinks in the water, his shoulder plates falling off.

Varian: But to preserve it... you must be willing to fight!

Varian then opens his eyes and breaks the surface of the water onto the shores, where he splits Shalamayne into two and attacks a felbat. He cleaves it into two, then kills one felguard and stabs another in the head. A felbat swoops over but Varian lunges at it and kills it. Sylvanas shoots felguards and felbats in the background.


Varian lets loose a battle cry and dives on another felguard, going off-screen. Another felguard, flanked by two Infernals, steps forward and slams its axe into the screen.



  • The cinematic originally included a couple felbats disarming an Alliance soldier, before another bat picked him up and threw him off the airship, but this animation wasn't used.[2]


Concept art


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