Azeroth Bleeds

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NeutralAzeroth Bleeds
Wailing Caverns
Level 120 (800)
Duration 8 hours
Followers 3
Type War Campaign Generic
Enemies IconSmall Human Male.gif Highlord Demitrian
IconSmall Shade.gif Twilight Dominator
IconSmall Human Male.gif Twilight Shadowcaster
Cost 40 War Resources
Champion XP 200
Bonus Chest [Champions of Azeroth Commendation]
Bonus Roll [Champions of Azeroth Commendation]


Sergeant Dontrag's portrait is still used despite the name change

Azerite flows through the Wailing Caverns in tremendous quantities. Do not allow it to fall into the wrong hands of Azeroth's enemies.





  • During the beta, the enemies were Twilight Bladetwister and Sergeant Dontrag.
    • Despite it now being listed as Highlord Demitrian, Sergeant Dontrag's portrait still showed up as the NPC commander until it was fixed at some point.

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