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Azeroth Choppers
Azeroth Choppers
Type Web-series
Launched April 10, 2014
Maintained by Blizzard Entertainment
Status Event ended

Azeroth Choppers is an eight episode web-series combining Warcraft and American Chopper. The promotion consists of two teams representing the Alliance and the Horde, with each team designing and building a motorcycle for their faction. The motorcycle with the most votes will be added to World of Warcraft as a free faction-specific mount usable by all characters of that faction.[1] In the final episode, Michael Morhaime announced that the winning bike would be going into the Warlords of Draenor expansion.


Azeroth Choppers - teams

Team Alliance and Team Horde outside Blizzard headquarters

Team Alliance[]

Team Horde[]


Azeroth Choppers session1

Team Alliance discussing ideas with Paul Jr


Azeroth Choppers session2

Another tough session

In episode 4, Blizzard sent two employees to set up six game machines at Paul Jr. Designs. The build teams got to roll some new level 90s, try out their abilities on combat dummies set outside Stormstout Brewery, try the dungeon, and 3on3 PvP in Tol'Viron Arena. The two employees and Terran, back at Blizzard, helped fill out groups as necessary.

Alliance Build Team[]

  • Brendon: Ogbambam, Pandaren warrior
  • Joe: Crackpot, Human paladin
  • Pete: Hellwolf, Worgen warrior

Horde Build Team[]

  • Paul Jr. (stand-in): Ogseven, Tauren paladin
  • Dan: Dantesfury, Orc warrior
  • Cody: Gattok, Troll warrior


  • Terran: Tepic, Gnome priest
  • Malapoje, Alliance Pandaren monk
  • Ruhai, Tauren druid
  • Keetwah, Tauren


The winning bike was given away for free in-game.[1] On July 24, 2014, it was announced that anyone who logged in to the game between then and September 30, 2014 would automatically have their account flagged to receive the Horde chopper, the Inv chopper horde [Warlord's Deathwheel], upon the release of Warlords of Draenor, when it would be made available to all Horde characters.[2]

On August 1, 2014, Blizzard announced that the Alliance chopper would also be added to the game, due to popular demand (and a few shady back-alley deals in Stormwind's Old Town). Sometime after Warlords of Draenor launched, the bike would be available from a vendor for "a pretty hefty sum of gold".[3] Bashiok later stated via Twitter that the price would be "something closer to the Mammoth-end of mount costs".[4] Following the launch of the expansion, the Inv chopper alliance [Champion's Treadblade] was added into the game and is available from Paulie in Stormwind at a cost of 100,000g.



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