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Azjol-anak Battleguard TCG.jpg
Azjol-anak Battleguard
Main leader IconSmall NerubianVizier.gif Seer Ixit
Race(s) NerubianNerubianNerubianNerubian Nerubian
Base of operations Azjol-Nerub
Theater of operations Northrend

The Azjol-anak are a group of the few remaining nerubians that are still living. They reside within Azjol-Nerub and are strongly opposed to Anub'arak's undead nerubians, the Anub'ar. They ordered to kill Anub'arak for his crimes. After his death, it is revealed that the Azjol-anak possess an enormous secret stash of their own eggs hidden safely so that after the wipeout of the Scourge from Azjol-Nerub, they can begin repopulating their people.[1] Upon expelling the faceless ones from Ahn'kahet, they work to hatch a giant cocoon.

The Azjol-anak's work continued long after the defeat of the Lich King, as an adventurer would later deliver  [Vorus'arak's Carapace] to Kilix the Unraveler; remaining friendly to those who had aided them in reclaiming their home. They thanked the adventurer for claiming a piece of their history, apparently having no qualms with them murdering one of the last nerubian spiderlords and reward them with Azerite.[2]


Icon-TCG.png This section contains information from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and is considered non-canon.


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