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Azshara is a level 12-20 zone accessed after Durotar or the Goblin starting experience. The zone is a relatively directed-questing experience, starting at the Orgrimmar Rear Gate and heading counterclockwise around the zone.

Orgrimmar Rear Gate

Players start their Azshara questing at the Orgrimmar Rear Gate where they discover that Night Elf warriors from nearby Ashenvale are sneaking around Azshara and disrupting the activities of the Goblins and Orcs in the area. Both Labor Captain Grabbit and Ag'tor Bloodfist have players push back against the Night Elven offensive around the gate as the Horde tries to harvest the forest for lumber. In H [5-30] Defend the Gates! the Night Elves launch a full-out attack against the gate and are thwarted by players with Goblin Shredders.

Optional breadcrumbs: H [5-30] Warchief's Command: Azshara! / H [5-30] Beyond Durotar / H IconSmall Goblin Male.gifIconSmall Goblin Female.gif [5-30] Report to the Labor Captain

Grabbit Quest Line:

  1. H [5-30] Runaway Shredder!
  2. H [5-30] The Captain's Logs
  3. H [5-30] Up a Tree
  4. H [5-30] Defend the Gates!
  5. H [5-30] Arborcide

Bloodfist Quest Line:

  1. H [5-30] The Eyes of Ashenvale
  2. H [5-30] Return of the Highborne?
  3. H [5-30] Return of the Highborne?

After H [5-30] Arborcide, to the Rocketway Exchange in H [5-30] Report to Horzak.

Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange

At the Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange, players continue their work collecting resources for the Horde as they are sent into the Mountainfoot Strip Mine by Horzak Zignibble to deal with Basilisks released into the mine by the Night Elves. After clearing out the basilisks, players are faced with another threat as they are recruited into the Bilgewater Battalion under Commander Molotov in the quest H [5-30] Another Warm Body. Molotov is defending against Naga incursions from the sea and together with players the Naga are repelled. There is one final quest chain starting with H [5-30] Survey the Lakeshore which has players visiting Lake Mennar and finding out about its history as Custer Clubnick and Malynea Skyreaver fight over what to do with it - Clubnick wants to pave it over while Malynea wants to study it. This quest line culminates in Custer's bulldozer becoming haunted in H [5-30] Dozercism and players being sent to the Southern Rocketway Terminus for help.

  1. H [5-30] Report to Horzak
  2. Complete all of:
    1. H [5-30] Stone Cold
    2. H [5-30] The Perfect Prism
    3. H [5-30] Prismbreak
    4. H [5-30] Refleshification
  3. H [5-30] Another Warm Body
  4. H [5-30] Hand-me-downs / H [5-30] Military Breakthrough / H [5-30] First Degree Mortar
  5. H [5-30] In The Face!
  6. H [5-30] Profitability Scouting
  7. H [5-30] Private Chat
  8. H [5-30] Survey the Lakeshore
    • Side chain:
    1. H [5-30] A Thousand Stories in the Sand
    2. H [5-30] Memories of the Dead
    3. H [5-30] Mystery of the Sarcen Stone
  9. H [5-30] Gunk in the Trunk
  10. H [5-30] Dozercism

After H [5-30] Dozercism, to the Southern Rocketway Terminus in H [5-30] Need More Science.

Southern Rocketway Terminus

Assistant Greely, who Goblin players met in the Lost Isles, is having a minor crisis at the Southern Rocketway Terminus and cannot spare any time for Custer's dozer. The Secret Lab where she and Hobart Grapplehammer were working has had an accident and fires are breaking out everywhere. She sends players to the lab to fix some of the problems before getting them to bring back the extremely valuable Azsharite core. Once players return, Greely explains that Azsharite is a very valuable substance that comes in limited quantities. It is later revealed by the Stone Giant Gormungan that Azsharite is in fact Giant droppings and Greely attempts several methods of "acquiring" these droppings. Finally in H [5-30] A Hello to Arms, Greely sends the player into Bilgewater Harbor with the Azsharite core for further study. Also at the Southern Rocketway Terminus is a quest chain starting with H [5-30] Mortar the Point where players help Torg Twocrush route the Naga attacking the area.

  1. H [5-30] Need More Science
  2. H [5-30] When Science Attacks
    • Side chain:
    1. H [5-30] Bad Science! Bad!
    2. H [5-30] My Favorite Subject
    3. H [5-30] Nine's Plan
    4. H [5-30] Raptor Raptor Rocket
  3. H [5-30] Segmentation Fault: Core Dumped
  4. H [5-30] Mysterious Azsharite / H [5-30] A Gigantic Snack
  5. H [5-30] Befriending Giants
  6. H [5-30] Azsharite Experiment Number One
  7. H [5-30] Azsharite Experiment Number Two
  8. H [5-30] A Hello to Arms

Naga side chain

  1. H [5-30] Mortar the Point
  2. H [5-30] Investigating the Sea Shrine
  3. H [5-30] The Keystone Shard
  4. H [5-30] Report to Twocrush
  5. H [5-30] Sisters of the Sea

After H [5-30] Azsharite Experiment Number Two, to the Bilgewater Harbor in H [5-30] A Hello to Arms.

Bilgewater Harbor

At this point, the questing experience branches:

Azuregos quest chain

The Azuregos quest chain is a long chain started by the Blue Dragon Aspect Kalecgos who is searching for another Blue Dragon Azuregos in the area. He sends players out to search for him which leads to the Murloc Ergll, then to the Northern Rocketway Exchange and then further. Eventually players are mixed up with the apprentices of Archmage Xylem, becoming apprentices themselves and passing the three trials before finding Azuregos in Archmage Xylem's tower in H [5-30] Wasn't It Obvious?. After this, Azuregos, Kalecgos and players work together to take down some Black Dragons led by Malicion before the quest chain ends.

  1. H [5-30] Azshara Blues
  2. H [5-30] Friends Come In All Colors
  3. Complete all of the following:
  4. H [5-30] Wash Out
  5. H [5-30] Dressed to Impress
  6. H [5-30] Renewable Resource / H [5-30] Shear Will / H [5-30] Waste of Thyme
  7. H [5-30] Trouble Under Foot / H [5-30] Manual Labor
  8. H [5-30] The Pinnacle of Learning
  9. H [5-30] Watch Your Step
  10. H [5-30] The Trial of Fire / H [5-30] The Trial of Frost / H [5-30] The Trial of Shadow
  11. H [5-30] Xylem's Asylum
  12. H [5-30] Wasn't It Obvious?
  13. H [5-30] Easy is Boring
  14. H [5-30] Turning the Tables
  15. H [5-30] Fade to Black / H [5-30] Ice Cold / H [5-30] Pro-liberation
  16. H [5-30] Farewell, Minnow

Northern Rocketway Exchange

After arriving to the Northern Rocketway Exchange via H [5-30] Wash Out, two side chains are available. The first is started by Andorel Sunsworn and it features players clearing out a nearby Night Elven encampment. The second is started by Haggrum Bloodfist, who has players sabotage negotiations between the Alliance and the Blackmaw furbolgs.

Andorel Sunsworn quest chain:

  1. H [5-30] Amberwind's Journal
  2. H [5-30] Arcane De-Construction
  3. H [5-30] Hacking the Construct

Haggrum Bloodfist quest chain:

  1. H [5-30] The Blackmaw Scar
  2. H [5-30] A Pale Brew / H [5-30] Diplomacy by Another Means
  3. H [5-30] The Blackmaw Doublecross

The Shattered Strand

The Shattered Strand quest chain has players returning to the Shattered Strand where they first battled the Naga to resume the fight with vigor. Players battle the Naga before uniting with the Gob Squad for an assault on the Naga base in the Ruins of Eldarath. After dealing some damage, players are sent back in to steal the  [Heart of Arkkoroc], an item which the Naga are using to brainwash the local sea giants.

  1. H [5-30] Operation Fishgut
  2. H [5-30] Rapid Deployment
  3. H [5-30] There Are Many Like It
  4. H [5-30] First Come, First Served / H [5-30] Halo Drops / H [5-30] Mop Up
  5. H [5-30] Field Promotion
  6. Complete all of the following:
  7. H [5-30] Shore Leave


After reaching level 20, players are flown to Valormok where the Horde is preparing a final assault against the Night Elven forces in Azshara. Players slay the Night Elven defenders, assassinate the commander in charge of the Alliance forces and then bomb the command center, destroying the Night Elven foothold in the region. With the conquest of Azshara complete and the Horde victorious, players are sent to continue the offensive on the front lines in Ashenvale.

  1. H [5-30] Airborne Again
  2. Complete all of the following:
  3. H [5-30] Blacken the Skies
  4. H [5-30] The Conquest of Azshara
  5. H [5-30] Probing into Ashenvale

Full Quest List

Quest Name Start End XP Reputation Reward Description
H [5-30] The Eyes of Ashenvale Ag'tor Bloodfist Ag'tor Bloodfist 840 +250 Orgrimmar  [Hill's Eye Wand] or  [Stolen Talrendis Boots]
3s 50c
Find the Night Elven scouts spying on the Orgrimmar Rear Gate and get rid of them to send a message.
H [5-30] Venison for the Troops Ag'tor Bloodfist Ag'tor Bloodfist 840 +250 Orgrimmar 3s 50c Kill some of the local wildlife to replenish the food supplies at the Rear Gate.
H [5-30] Return of the Highborne?  [Scout's Orders] Ag'tor Bloodfist 630 +150 Orgrimmar -- Deliver the mysterious unreadable orders to Ag'tor Bloodfist.
H [5-30] Return of the Highborne? Ag'tor Bloodfist Malynea Skyreaver 630 +150 Silvermoon City 3s 50c Bring the Scout's Orders found on the battlefield to the Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange, where Malynea Skyreaver can translate them.
H [5-30] Runaway Shredder! Labor Captain Grabbit Automatic 880 +250 Bilgewater Cartel -- Go retrieve one of the shredders that has escaped Goblin control and started rampaging around.
H [5-30] The Captain's Logs Automatic Automatic 880 +250 Bilgewater Cartel -- Use the recaptured shredder to go around collecting lumber for the Horde deforestation effort.
H [5-30] Up a Tree Automatic Automatic 880 +250 Bilgewater Cartel -- Lure the Night Elven saboteurs out of their hiding places in the trees and then take them out.
H [5-30] Defend the Gates! Automatic Automatic 880 +250 Bilgewater Cartel -- Return to the Orgrimmar Rear Gate as fast as possible to help defend against an all-out Night Elven attack.
H [5-30] Arborcide Automatic Labor Captain Grabbit 1,100 +350 Bilgewater Cartel  [Woodchipper Dagger] or  [Chopped Off Ancient Limb] or  [Arborcide Axe]
With the Night Elves disrupted, head into the forest and find the Talrendis Ancient, who is empowering them, and get rid of it.
H [5-30] Report to Horzak Labor Captain Grabbit Horzak Zignibble 220 +25 Bilgewater Cartel -- Head out to the Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange where Horzak Zignibble is facing problems and running behind on his stone mining.
H [5-30] Basilisk Bashin' Horzak Zignibble Horzak Zignibble 880 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 8s Horzak reveals that the basilisks are turning his workers to stone as they mine. Kill them.
H [5-30] A Quota to Meet Foreman Fisk Foreman Fisk 880 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 4s Help Foreman Fisk who needs to collect the iron deposits all throughout the mine, but can't because of the basilisks.
H [5-30] Stone Cold Horzak Zignibble Horzak Zignibble 880 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 4s Collect one of the stonified workers from the mine to see if they might be valuable profits...
H [5-30] The Perfect Prism Horzak Zignibble Headquarters Radio 880 +250 Bilgewater Cartel -- In order to undo the stonification, find a Talrendis Saboteur and find out how the Night Elves are resisting the Basilisks.
H [5-30] Prismbreak Headquarters Radio Weapons Cabinet 90 -- -- Bring the mysterious prism to the headquarters and turn it into a gun.
H [5-30] Refleshification Weapons Cabinet Horzak Zignibble 880 +250 Bilgewater Cartel  [Stonifying Gun] or  [Refleshified Bracers]
Use the new Refleshifier to undo the stonification process on the workers in the mine and restart stone production.
H [5-30] Another Warm Body Private Worcester Commander Molotov 455 +75 Bilgewater Cartel -- Head over to the Shattered Strand where Commander Molotov needs as many fighters as he can get in the battle against the Naga.
H [5-30] Hand-me-downs Commander Molotov Commander Molotov 910 +250 Bilgewater Cartel  [Molotov Cocktail] X2 Go collect some equipment for yourself from the corpses of those who came before you.
H [5-30] Military Breakthrough Glix Grindlock Glix Grindlock 910 +250 Bilgewater Cartel -- Head into Naga territory and collect the Goblins' last  [SFG], which is being guarded by Warlord Krellian.
H [5-30] First Degree Mortar Xiz "The Eye" Salvoblast Xiz "The Eye" Salvoblast 910 +250 Bilgewater Cartel  [Kaboom Leggings] or  [Mortar-Slinger Belt] or  [Salvoblast Tunic] Head up to the ridge and use the mortars there to blow up some Naga.
H [5-30] In The Face! Glix Grindlock Glix Grindlock 910 +250 Bilgewater Cartel -- Use the newly-repaired SFG to blow back the Sea Giants being mind controlled by the Naga.
H [5-30] Profitability Scouting Commander Molotov Commander Molotov 910 +350 Bilgewater Cartel  [Molotov Gloves] or  [Pricey Bracers]
Infiltrate the Naga base and figure out how they are controlling the Sea Giants.
H [5-30] Private Chat Commander Molotov Private Worcester 455 +75 Bilgewater Cartel 3s Return to the Orgrimmar Rocketway Exchange and relieve Private Worcester of duty.
H [5-30] Survey the Lakeshore Custer Clubnik Custer Clubnik 910 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 5s Help Custer Clubnik out by surveying a potential new parking lot over Lake Mennar.
H [5-30] A Thousand Stories in the Sand Malynea Skyreaver Malynea Skyreaver 910 +250 Silvermoon City 5s Head to Lake Mennar and collect some of the ancient Night Elven artifacts scattered around for research purposes.
H [5-30] Memories of the Dead Malynea Skyreaver Automatic 910 +250 Silvermoon City -- Use Kalytha's Ring to relive the memories of the Night Elves 10,000 years ago.
H [5-30] Mystery of the Sarcen Stone Automatic Malynea Skyreaver 910 +250 Silvermoon City  [Bottom-Wader Boots] or  [Restored Mennaran Mail]
Head to the bottom of Lake Mennar and see what mysterious ancient artifact was hidden there by the Night Elves 10,000 years earlier.
H [5-30] Gunk in the Trunk Custer Clubnik Custer Clubnik 680 +150 Bilgewater Cartel 3s 50c Investigate Clubnik's dozer and figure out what is causing it to malfunction.
H [5-30] Dozercism Custer Clubnik Custer Clubnik 910 +250 Bilgewater Cartel  [Standard Issue Airborne Belt] or  [Bulldozer Vest] or  [Margene Repair Gloves]
Call in the help of an airbone priest and perform an exorcism on Clubnik's bulldozer.
H [5-30] Need More Science Custer Clubnik Assistant Greely 680 +150 Bilgewater Cartel 4s Head to the Southern Rocketway Terminus and ask Assistant Greely for help fixing Custer's Dozer.
H [5-30] When Science Attacks Assistant Greely Secret Lab Squawkbox 910 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 6s Head to the recently-exploded Secret Lab and put out any burning equipment...or Goblins.
H [5-30] Bad Science! Bad! Twistex Happytongs Twistex Happytongs 910 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 3s Get rid of the Static-Charged Hippogryphs that Twistex Happytongs created accidentally.
H [5-30] My Favorite Subject Twistex Happytongs Subject Nine 230 -- -- Find Subject Nine, the prized experiment of Twistex.
H [5-30] Nine's Plan Subject Nine Subject Nine 980 -- -- Help Subject Nine rebuild a rocket by collecting the schematics from the office of the director.
H [5-30] Raptor Raptor Rocket Subject Nine Subject Nine 980 -- 13s Gather Subject Nine's offspring together so she can take off in a rocket with them.
H [5-30] Segmentation Fault: Core Dumped Secret Lab Squawkbox Assistant Greely 910 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 6s Head to the center of the Secret Lab and release the valuable Azsharite core, then bring it back to Assistant Greely.
H [5-30] Mortar the Point Bombardier Captain Smooks Bombardier Captain Smooks 910 +250 Bilgewater Cartel  [Artillery Signal] X5
3s 50c
Head to the Secret Lab to collect the Mortar Shells Captain Smooks left there to aid in the fight against the Naga.
H [5-30] Investigating the Sea Shrine Torg Twocrush Naga Power Stone 680 -- -- Investigate the mysterious Naga shrines set up along the cliff to see what they are doing.
H [5-30] To Gut a Fish Torg Twocrush Torg Twocrush 910 +250 Orgrimmar 6s Thin the ranks of the Naga by culling a few of them for Torg Twocrush.
H [5-30] The Keystone Shard Naga Power Stone Naga Power Stone 910 -- -- Discover more about the mysterious Naga Power Stone, and find the missing piece.
H [5-30] Report to Twocrush Naga Power Stone Torg Twocrush 680 +150 Bilgewater Cartel 6s Report back to Torg Twocrush about the shielding powers of the Naga Power Stone.
H [5-30] Sisters of the Sea Torg Twocrush Torg Twocrush 1,150 +350 Orgrimmar  [Sea Sister Vest] or  [Serpent-Crusher Gloves]
Head into the Naga territory and kill off the two Naga enchantresses leading the Naga offensive.
H [5-30] Mysterious Azsharite Assistant Greely Assistant Greely 910 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 6s Travel around Azshara and find Azsharite samples to bring back to Greely for research.
H [5-30] A Gigantic Snack Assistant Greely Assistant Greely 910 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 6s Collect some carcasses from the local wildlife to prepare an offering for the stone giants.
H [5-30] Befriending Giants Assistant Greely Assistant Greely 680 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 4s Find a Mountain Giant named Gormungan and ask him about the origins of Azsharite.
H [5-30] Azsharite Experiment Number One Assistant Greely Assistant Greely 980 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 6s Steal a huge laxative from a nearby Gnome residence and feed it to Gormungan to attempt to "obtain" Azsharite.
Horde 15.png [14] The Terrible Tinkers
of the Ruined Reaches
Hobart Grapplehammer Hobart Grapplehammer 980 +250 Bilgewater Cartel  [Hobart's Spare Hubcap] or  [Spring Gadget]
Slay the Gnomes hampering Hobart's studies and their leader Bingham Gadgetspring.
H [5-30] Azsharite Experiment Number Two Assistant Greely Assistant Greely 980 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 13s Try to scare the Azsharite out of Gormungan by shrinking down and riding a mouse.
H [5-30] A Hello to Arms Hobart Grapplehammer Bleenik Fizzlefuse 800 +150 Bilgewater Cartel 5s Bring the Azsharite core to Bilgewater Harbor so it can be used in the massive cannon.
H [5-30] Operation Fishgut Wrenchmen Recruitment Poster Commander Molotov 580 +75 Bilgewater Cartel -- Follow the instructions on the Wrenchmen Recruitment Poster and find Commander Molotov to enlist in the Bilgewater Battalion.
H [5-30] Rapid Deployment Commander Molotov Captain Desoto 580 +75 Bilgewater Cartel -- Head down to the waterfront where Captain Desoto is sending fighters across the water.
H [5-30] There Are Many Like It Captain Desoto Lieutenant Drex 880 +150 Bilgewater Cartel -- Ride one of Captain Desoto's rockets all the way back to the Shattered Strand.
H [5-30] Mop Up Lieutenant Drex Lieutenant Drex 1,150 +250 Bilgewater Cartel -- Help the battle effort against the Naga by cleaning up some Naga off the beach.
H [5-30] First Come, First Served Ruckus Ruckus 1,150 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 25s Spend some time aiding private interests by claiming some key beachfront properties for property developer Ruckus.
H [5-30] Halo Drops Sergeant Hort Sergeant Hort 1,150 +250 Bilgewater Cartel  [Disposable Cloak] or  [Hort's Axe] Bring a sanctified flare gun onto the battlefield and use it to call down airborne priests near all the "injured" Goblins on the field.
H [5-30] Field Promotion Lieutenant Drex Captain Tork 1,250 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 33s A letter has arrived authorizing you to join the GAMA division, so go find Captain Tork near the Ruins of Eldarath.
H [5-30] Handling the Goods Tora Halotrix Tora Halotrix 1,250 +250 Bilgewater Cartel  [Eldarath Staff] or  [Quick Buck Leggings]
While near the Ruins of Eldarath, collect some of the valuable ancient artifacts there to make a quick buck.
H [5-30] Extermination Sergeant Zelks Sergeant Zelks 1,250 +250 Bilgewater Cartel  [Wrenchmen Belt] or  [Honorary Gob Squad Shield] Head into the ruins with the support of the elite Gob Squad and clean out the Naga infestation.
H [5-30] Head of the Snake Sergeant Zelks Sergeant Zelks 1,250 +250 Bilgewater Cartel -- Together with the Gob Squad, take down the leader of the Naga - Lord Kassarus.
H [5-30] Ticker Required Sergeant Zelks Sergeant Zelks 1,250 +250 Bilgewater Cartel -- Escort Ticker into the Ruins of Eldarath and plant some explosives to blow the place apart.
H [5-30] Still Beating Heart Captain Tork Captain Tork 1,250 +250 Bilgewater Cartel -- Head into the ruins and find the mysterious artifact you scouted out much earlier that was controlling the Sea Giants, then take it.
H [5-30] Shore Leave Captain Tork Uncle Bedlam 1,900 +500 Bilgewater Cartel  [Bedlam Gun] or  [Merger Boots] or  [Acquisition Bracers] or  [Heart Wrapper]
Return to Bilgewater Harbor and deliver the  [Heart of Arkkoroc] to the mysterious Uncle Bedlam.
H [5-30] Azshara Blues Teemo Kalecgos 630 +75 Bilgewater Cartel 4s 50c Go find Teemo's master Kalec and see what he needs.
H [5-30] Friends Come In All Colors Kalecgos Ergll 950 -- 7s Kalec is searching for the Blue Dragon Azuregos, but he has disappeared. Go find Ergll, the Murloc who last saw him.
H [5-30] That's Just Rude! Ergll Ergll 1,250 -- 9s Help Ergll out by getting rid of the annoying Makrinni that are ruining his garden.
H [5-30] A Little Pick-me-up Ergll Ergll 1,250 -- 9s Collect some herbs from around the area so Ergll can make tea and remember where Azuregos went.
H [5-30] Absorbent Ergll Automatic 1,250 -- -- Use an ultra absorbent sponge to collect Water elementals from around the area.
H [5-30] Full of Hot Water Automatic Ergll 1,600 --  [Spongy Vest] or  [Scalding Gloves]
Use the water elementals collected to summon the Scalding Water Lord and defeat him to obtain hot water for Ergll's tea.
H [5-30] Wash Out Ergll Sorata Firespinner 950 -- 7s Ergll remembered that Azuregos was trying to find the Archmage Xylem, somewhere around the Northern Rocketway Terminus. Take Ergll's friendly turtle to ride there.
H [5-30] The Blackmaw Scar Haggrum Bloodfist Haggrum Bloodfist 1,250 +250 Orgrimmar 9s Help Haggrum Bloodfist investigate the mysterious goings on between the Blackmaw Furbolg and the Night Elves.
H [5-30] A Pale Brew Haggrum Bloodfist Haggrum Bloodfist 1,250 +250 Orgrimmar 4s 50c Collect roots from around Blackmaw hold that will allow anyone who ingests them to speak the Furbolg tongue.
H [5-30] Diplomacy by Another Means Haggrum Bloodfist Haggrum Bloodfist 950 +250 Orgrimmar 9s Kill the Night Elven ambassadors to the Furbolg and take their documents and robes.
H [5-30] The Blackmaw Doublecross Haggrum Bloodfist Haggrum Bloodfist 1,600 +350 Orgrimmar  [Treaty Breaker Gloves] or  [Diplomatic Belt] or  [Negotiation Stompers]
Impersonate the Night Elven ambassadors, ingest the Pale Brew and head into Blackmaw Hold, and ruin negotiations.
H [5-30] Amberwind's Journal Andorel Sunsworn Upper Scrying Stone 1,350 -- -- Investigate a nearby Night Elven presence for Andorel Sunsworn by stealing the journal of Lorekeeper Amberwind.
H [5-30] Arcane De-Construction Upper Scrying Stone Lower Scrying Stone 1,350 -- -- Kill some Night Elven mages to collect runestones for a ritual for Andorel.
H [5-30] Hacking the Construct Lower Scrying Stone Andorel Sunsworn 1,000 +150 Silvermoon City  [Mage Bracers] or  [Hacker's Leggings]
Perform a ritual which takes control of an Arcane Construct and use it to destroy the Night Elves.
H [5-30] Dressed to Impress Sorata Firespinner Image of Archmage Xylem 1,000 -- 7s Take Sorata Firespinner's hat and join the ranks of Archmage Xylem's apprentices to find Azuregos.
H [5-30] Renewable Resource Tharkul Ironskull Tharkul Ironskull 1,350 -- 10s Collect Animate Basalt by chipping it off the body of the Mountain Giant Balboa.
H [5-30] Shear Will Will Robotronic Will Robotronic 1,350 --  [Scissor Blade] or  [Glued Feather Boots] or  [Robotronic Vest]
Kill the hippogryphs around the camp and take their feathers so Will Robotronic can create a snazzy outfit for himself.
H [5-30] Waste of Thyme Quarla Whistlebreak Quarla Whistlebreak 1,350 -- 10s Quickly collect Living Ire Thyme from around the camp for Quarla Whistlebreak.
H [5-30] Manual Labor Teresa Spireleaf Teresa Spireleaf 1,350 -- 10s Head into a nearby Satyr encampment and retrieve the manuals they stole.
H [5-30] Trouble Under Foot Image of Archmage Xylem Image of Archmage Xylem 1,350 -- 10s Transform the Satyrs in the nearby encampment into cockroaches then squash them.
H [5-30] The Pinnacle of Learning Image of Archmage Xylem Image of Archmage Xylem 1,000 -- 7s Transform into a beam of magic and fly to the Arcane Pinnacle to truly become one of Xylem's Apprentices.
H [5-30] Watch Your Step Image of Archmage Xylem Image of Archmage Xylem 1,350 --  [Charged Robes] or  [Juicy Bracers]
Climb to the top of the Arcane Pinnacle using jump pads, passing by each of the Energy Conduits on the way.
H [5-30] The Trial of Fire Image of Archmage Xylem Image of Archmage Xylem 1,350 -- 10s Complete the trial of fire by avoiding all the flames.
H [5-30] The Trial of Frost Image of Archmage Xylem Image of Archmage Xylem 1,350 -- 10s Complete the trial of frost by collecting frost orbs without being hit.
H [5-30] The Trial of Shadow Image of Archmage Xylem Image of Archmage Xylem 1,350 -- 10s Complete the trial of shadow by trapping ghouls without being hit.
H [5-30] Xylem's Asylum Image of Archmage Xylem Joanna 1,000 --  [Joanna's Sash] or  [Asylum Shoes]
Teleport to Xylem's Asylum where Joanna is waiting.
H [5-30] Wasn't It Obvious? Joanna Automatic 1,100 -- 8s Joanna reveals where Azuregos is - dead! Teleport dying!
H [5-30] Easy is Boring Automatic Automatic 1,100 -- -- While dead, convince Azuregos that Kalecgos needs his help defeating the Black Dragonflight in Azshara.
H [5-30] Turning the Tables Automatic Kalecgos 1,450 -- 11s Revive and go to the Northern Rocketway Terminus to help Kalec and Azuregos.
H [5-30] Fade to Black Kalecgos Kalecgos 1,800 --  [Azure Scale Vest] or  [Kalecgos' Gift]
Defeat the Black Dragonflight leaders Twilight Lord Katrana and Malicion; with Kalec's help of course.
H [5-30] Ice Cold Feno Blastnoggin Feno Blastnoggin 1,450 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 11s Use Feno Blastnoggin's Cryomatic to take out the Sable Drakes infesting Sable Ridge.
H [5-30] Pro-liberation Jellix Fuselighter Jellix Fuselighter 1,450 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 11s Free some of Jellix's captured laborers on Sable Ridge.
H [5-30] Farewell, Minnow Azuregos Sorata Firespinner 1,800 --  [Faded Wizard Hat]
Say goodbye to Azuregos and head back to Bilgewater Harbor where Sorata really does not want his hat.
H [5-30] Airborne Again Gurlorn Chawg 780 +75 Bilgewater Cartel 6s Take one of the airborne Priest's planes and fly it into the warzone of Valormok to keep the vital outpost alive.
H [5-30] Let Them Feast on Fear Chawg Chawg 1,550 +250 Orgrimmar 12s Wreak havok on the battle lines of the Night Elves and turn the battle into the Horde's favor.
H [5-30] Commando Drop Andorel Sunsworn Lorekeeper's Summoning Stone 1,550 -- -- Find the summoning stones being used to resupply the Night Elven forces and modify them so they summon Horde reinforcements instead.
H [5-30] Where's My Head? Chawg Slinky Sharpshiv 155 +10 Bilgewater Cartel -- Find Slinky Sharpshiv and prepare to launch a tactical strike on Captain Grunwald of Northwatch Hold, who has arrived in Azshara.
H [5-30] Lightning Strike Assassination Slinky Sharpshiv Chawg 1,550 +250 Orgrimmar  [Low-Altitude Parachute] or  [Gloves of Unmitigated Badassery]
Assassinate Captain Grunwald, an Alliance commander and bring his head back to Chawg as proof.
H [5-30] Grounded! Kroum Bombardier Captain Smooks 1,150 +150 Bilgewater Cartel -- Head past Talrendis Point and see what is taking Bombardier Captain Smooks so long.
H [5-30] Rigged to Blow Bombardier Captain Smooks Bombardier Captain Smooks 1,550 +250 Bilgewater Cartel -- Help Captain Smooks arm the detonators he is using to blow up the Talrendis Sniper Tower.
H [5-30] Push the Button! Bombardier Captain Smooks Kroum 1,150 +250 Orgrimmar  [Sniper's Band] or  [Detonation Ring] or  [Kroum's Signet]
Push the button!
H [5-30] Blacken the Skies Jr. Bombardier Hackel Jr. Bombardier Hackel 1,550 +250 Bilgewater Cartel 12s Now that the skies are clear, join the effort to bomb Talrendis Point to pieces.
H [5-30] The Conquest of Azshara Chawg Chawg 1,950 +350 Orgrimmar  [Shield of Talrendis Point] or  [Wind Rider Wand] or  [Shield of Azsharan Conquest]
Head into Talrendis Point and eliminate Commander Jarrodenus, leader of the Night Elves, once and for all.
H [5-30] Probing into Ashenvale Kroum Kulg Gorespatter 780 -- 3s Sneak into Ashenvale and join Kulg Gorespatter's Orcish battalion trying to take the zone.