Azuregale Bay.

Azuregale Bay[75, 54] is a large body of water located in the east of Suramar. It is notably one of the largest bays on the Broken Isles, opening out into the Great Sea towards the Broken Shore. The Trenchwalker sea giants make this bay their home.

The bay is primarily inhabited by hammerhead sharks and contains three small islands, which are themselves home to the Sashj'tar Ruins. The vrykul village of Jandvik is situated along the bay's coastline. In recent times, the bay has been occupied by the Sashj'tar naga, who have come into conflict with the nearby vrykul, and who have subsequently established themselves on the bay's seafloor and islands. A damaged ley line is found underwater between Jandvik and the southern small isles.


  • East of the bay there are multiples night elven ruins and sea creature skeletons.[64, 50]


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Azuregale Bay may have been the Stormreaver Wreckage (from The Frozen Throne) due to the number of crashed ships present, as well as its proximity to the Tomb of Sargeras.

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