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For the world boss encounter prior to Cataclysm, see Azuregos (tactics). For the anniversary encounter, see Azuregos (Anniversary).
Image of Azuregos
Gender Male
Race Blue dragon (Dragonkin)
Resource Mana
Reaction Horde (Azshara)
Alliance Horde (The Beyond)
Affiliation(s) Blue dragonflight
Occupation Safekeeper of the Nexus
Location Nexus (lore)[1]
Status Alive
Relative(s) Anara (former love interest)

“One of the amusingly convenient things about evil and destruction is that they tend to just evilly destruct each other eventually.”

— Azuregos

Azuregos (pronounced AZ-yuhr-gohs)[2] is a powerful blue dragon who was trusted by Malygos with the safekeeping of the blue dragonflight's most precious artifacts. He, like Nefarian, has a sense of humor.


WoW Icon update This section concerns content related to the original World of Warcraft.

Azuregos and the Spirit of Azuregos together

Spirit of Azuregos

Spirit of Azuregos

Sometime after the Great Sundering, the blue dragonflight arrived to Azshara and took to safeguarding the powerful artifacts and magical lore within the ruins of Eldarath, for countless generations. At an unknown point in time, Azuregos would arrive to Azshara, which caused rumors that suggested that items of extreme significance, perhaps the fabled Vials of Eternity themselves, may have been found in the wilderness of Azshara. Whatever Azuregos sought, one thing was certain: he would fight to the death to defend Azshara's magical treasures, and to that end he could be found in southeastern Azshara guarding the ancient night elf Ruins of Eldarath.[3]

The Scepter of the Shifting Sands[]

During the War of the Shifting Sands, a scepter was created to make it possible to reopen the Scarab Wall. The scepter was shattered however by Fandral Staghelm, and the shards were divided amongst the four mighty Dragonflights, in the hopes that it would be nearly impossible to reunite the pieces by anyone seeking to unleash the horrors of Ahn'Qiraj. Anachronos kept one piece to himself and gave the others to Eranikus, Vaelastrasz, and Azuregos.

As soon as Malygos charged him with protecting the scepter shard, Azuregos knew he was in for an eternity of headache and pain. All he wanted to do was study the magic rich shorelines of Azshara and take in what artifacts might remain from the Great Sundering. He held the scepter shard for 500 years and he thought it was nothing but trouble. It attracted all kinds of attention. He wanted to be left alone to his studies, not babysit some would-be hero's ticket to glory. So he gave it to a very special minnow, Maws. Any champion seeking to reunite the Scepter would come searching for Azuregos and face quite a challenge in order to claim the shard.



Azuregos and Anara

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.

After the death of Malygos, Deathwing sent agents to assassinate the rest of the weakened blue flight. When adventurers sought him out on behalf of Kalecgos, they learned that Azuregos had not been seen since a group of bloodthirsty adventurers came through on some sort of quest to make a now-useless quiver. He was eventually discovered hiding in the spirit world, where he had formed a relationship with a Spirit Healer, Anara. He eventually agreed to help Kalecgos fight the black dragonflight,[4] but strongly disapproved of him becoming the new Aspect of Magic.[5]

After Azuregos aided Kalec in defeating Malicion and Twilight Lord Katrana, both dragons departed Azshara with the intention of remaining discrete for a while.[6]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
Azuregos high elf

Azuregos in his elven form.

Azuregos returned to the now-abandoned Nexus to secure the magical artifacts contained within the vault, but was captured by the Ethereum which had taken up residence.[7] Bound by ethereal void energies, he was freed by the Conjuror of the Tirisgarde at Kalecgos's behest and together they took down Nexus-Prince Bilaal. Azuregos stayed behind to secure the Nexus so it will not fall into the wrong hands again, giving his regards to Kalecgos.[8]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Azuregos remained in charge of the Oculus for several years, conducting research. After the reawakening of the Dragon Isles, he ignored the summons of Kalecgos. Then at one point, hostile arcane memories suddenly appeared all over the Nexus. He fought against them and relocated to a northwestern chamber where soon Kalecgos, Sindragosa's simulacrum, and an adventurer teleported in from the Azure Span. Bitter as ever towards Kalecgos, Sindragosa reprimanded him, and he was told of their plan to locate the remaining blue dragons across the world. Since the memories were formed when Kalecgos had released the essences of Malygos and Sindragosa in the Veiled Ossuary, Azuregos agreed to aid in tracking the other blue dragons under the condition they take care of the arcane memories at the Nexus. He gave the adventurer one of his many staves, and they used it to battle the memories at the entrances to the Nexus.

After the threat of the memories was calmed down,[9] Azuregos created a magical globe to help find the other dragons across Azeroth. He gave it to Kalecgos and resolved to continue investigating the memories. As Kalecgos left, Sindragosa revealed that she knew why he was in seclusion in the Nexus - to find a way to tear barriers of realms in order to bring the one he once loved back to the world of the living. She advised him to instead turn to his draconic brethren who could help him.[10]

Azuregos later personally traveled to the ruins of Theramore to seek out Surigosa, who had traveled there while hunting a rouge mage group known as the Sullied Banner. He had also correctly anticipated that Kalecgos and the adventurer would travel to the ruins as well.[11] The group discovered that the Sullied Banner were attempted to create the mana bomb that had destroyed Theramore and called for the mages to be subdued instead of killed, which surprised Azuregos who noted that he believed that the encounter with Raszageth would have relieved him of that impulse. However, Kalecgos was adamant and pointed out how every time Malyogs intervened in the affairs of mortals, mages died which just continued a cycle of destruction that he had no desire to perpetuate. Though disagreeing with his methods, his fellow dragons agreed to follow his lead. When Azuregos continued to argue the point, Kalec revealed that the Sullied Banner flew the flag of Theramore and were grieving, fearing for their lives, and expressed hope that they could be reasoned with.[12][13] After the leader of the mages, Turi Flickerflame, was apprehended Azuregos admitted that he didn't think Kalecgos' plan would work and declared that he had cleaned things up rather nicely.[14]

As the blue dragonflight reunited at the Azure Archives, Azuregos continued to investigate Sindragosa and Malygos's arcane memories, where he discovered that they were destroying the Veiled Ossuary and called upon Kalecgos for aid.[15] While Kalecgos remained behind at the Azure Archives and worked with the simulacrum of Sindragosa to devise a plan, he sent Haleh, Lanigosa, Surigosa, and Zeros to aid him.[16] Working together the group were able to deduce that the violent deaths that Malygos and Sindragosa experienced had left them stranded in their final moments, thus Azuregos and the others recovered their essences and brought them back to Kalec at the Azure Archives.[17] Kalecgos subsequently thanked the group for their efforts and revealed that he and the simulacrum of Sindragosa had devised a plan, though it was a dangerous one.[18] Working together as one, the blue dragonflight used the arcane energy within the Azure Archives to break the loop of death that Malygos and Sindragosa had found themselves trapped in. After Malygos and Sindragosa were properly soothed and released from their torment, Azuregos and the rest of the blue dragonflight witnessed them departing to the afterlife and then subsequently watched the last flight of Senegos as he decided that the time had come for his long life to end at last.[19][20]

In the aftermath, Kalecgos declared that the Azure Archives was the new home of the dragonflight to which Azuregos noted that the Archives were bigger than the Nexus and that the vaults seemed to have more knowledge that he hadn't recorded yet. While Lanigosa decided to join him in studying the vaults, the other dragons decided to rotate as to who would watch over the Nexus in Azuregos' absence.


Location Level range Reaction Notes
Southeastern Azshara (Classic-only) ?? Boss Alliance Horde As a world boss encounter and the Spirit of Azuregos for the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj.
Azshara (retail) ?? Elite Horde As part of the Azshara storyline, appearing as the Spirit of Azuregos and Azuregos.
Azshara[49.0, 83.2]VZ-AzsharaBlip ?? Elite Alliance Horde As an Anniversary boss encounter during Warcraft's Anniversary.
Nexus (The Beyond) ?? Elite Alliance Horde As part of the Mage Campaign and Priest Campaign.
Coldarra, Borean Tundra; Theramore Isle, Dustwallow Marsh; Veiled Ossuary, Thaldraszus; Azure Span 70 Elite Alliance Horde As part of the "The Veiled Ossuary" questline.


  • Spell frost glacier Frost Breath — Deals 15 Frost damage and freezes targets for 8 sec.
The Beyond
  • Ability rogue envelopingshadows Void Binding — Bound by ethereal void energies.
  • Spell nature starfall Arcane Missiles — Launches magical missiles at an enemy, inflicting Arcane damage every 1 sec. for 5 sec.
  • Spell nature purge Improved Evocation — Regenerating Life and Mana.
  • Spell frost frost Mark of Frost — You become encased in a block of ice. You cannot attack, move, or cast spells.



He only appears in phasing events. After the quest H [5-30] Wasn't It Obvious?, he appears temporarily in a phased version of the zone as the Spirit of Azuregos. After H [5-30] Turning the Tables, he appears permanently at the Northern Rocketway Terminus.

Borean Tundra



Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
At Bear's Head

You seek Azuregos? Bane of the Bitter Reaches? Scourge of the Bay of Storms? Lord of all magic in Azshara?

Well, you've found him.

<Azuregos appears to be smiling.>

Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.
In Coldarra

What do you want? I had plenty to keep me busy in the Nexus before all of this.

Gossip Can you tell me more about the Nexus? What have you found here?

Wouldn't you like to know? Hrmph...
This was formerly Malygos's domain. It's filled with magic that he discovered, much during his state of madness.
Now, I'm in charge of the place. It's not safe to allow any random mortal to walk in and take what's in there.
That's all you'll get from me. My research and what I have found within are my own business.
In the Ruins of Theramore

Well, this ought to be interesting.

Surigosa is one of our more enthusiastic hunters of rogue mages, and she really is quite good at her job. She is the one who sniffed out this 'Sullied Banner' in the first place, after all.

Our dear Aspect, however, seems intent on handling this matter bloodlessly. I suppose that will be where you come in, mortal.

Veiled Ossuary, Thaldraszus

Malygos and Sindragosa's lingering essences are screaming for rest. We need to find a way to give it to them.

WoW Icon update The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft but is present in Classic Era.


You seek to harm me, <race>?

Gossip I am a treasure hunter in search of powerful artifacts. Give them to me and you will not be harmed.

Spirit of Azuregos[]

My watch is eternal, mortal.

Scepter of the Shifting Sands[]

Once a player has obtained Neutral with the Brood of Nozdormu and completed the subsequent questline to find the three scepter shards for Inv hammer 25 [The Scepter of the Shifting Sands], he or she may speak to the Spirit of Azuregos in a comical gossip text that leads the player towards finding the shard of the blue flight:

You seek the scepter shard charged to the protection of the Blue Flight?
<Azuregos appears to be smiling.>

Gossip How did you know? I mean, yes... Yes I am looking for that shard. Do you have it?

Of course I do not have the shard. That would be asinine. I walk amongst savages in this cursed land! I cannot take five steps without some crazed orc or human trying to thrust a sharp stick into my hide. At any given time you could very well be speaking to my ghostly spirit.
Anyhow... I hid it.
Go on... ask me where.

Gossip Alright. Where?

You are going to love this story, <race>. See, here is the thing. As soon as Malygos charged me with protecting the scepter shard, I knew I was in for an eternity of headache and pain.
All I want to do is study these magic rich shorelines and take in what artifacts might remain from the Sundering. You know, there was once a thriving Highborne civilization here! You don't have to tell me that there is going to be some solid magical items around here, <race>. I can smell it!

Gossip By Bronzebeard's... um, beard! What are you talking about?

As I was saying, I held on to that scepter shard for a good five-hundred years and it was nothing but trouble. It attracted all kinds of attention - the wrong kind of attention. I want to be left alone to my studies not babysit some would be hero's ticket to glory. So... I gave it to the fish.

Gossip Fish? You gave a piece of what could be the key to saving all life on Kalimdor to a fish?

Not just any fish, mortal. This fish was a minnow. A very special minnow.

Gossip A minnow? The oceans are filled with minnows! There could be a hundred million million minnows out there!


Gossip ...

Genius, I know... It will never be found; but, in case it is found, I gave the minnow some special powers.

Gossip You put the piece on a minnow and placed the minnow somewhere in the waters of the sea between here and the Eastern Kingdoms? And this minnow has special powers?

Correct. You've been listening! This minnow is really quite a terrible creature to of my own creation. When I am relaxing I like to think of the unlucky fishermen who have run into this minnow and been devoured whole. I bet they were quite surprised!
<Azuregos laughs.>

Gossip You're insane.

Genius is often misunderstood, <race>. Now, about the scepter shard... If you want that shard and do not wish to spend the next ten thousand years searching for it, you are going to have to listen very carefully.

Gossip I'm all ears.

Two words: Inv gizmo 07 [Arcanite buoy].

Gossip Come again.

Right then... You have to build an arcanite buoy and place it in the ocean. My minnow will be attracted to the magical emanations. When he gets near the buoy - BLAMMO! It will explode in a glorious pulse of arcane energy, revealing the minnow's true form. Also, you may or may not incur the wrath of Neptulon. A 50/50 chance I would say.

Gossip Ok, let me get this straight. You put the scepter entrusted to your Flight by Anachronos on a minnow of your own making and now you expect me to build an... an arcanite buoy or something... to force your minnow out of hiding? AND potentially incur the wrath of an Elemental Lord? Did I miss anything? Perhaps I am to do this without any clothes on, during a solar eclipse, on a leap year?

If I did not know better I would think that you were mocking me, mortal; but yes, that is mostly correct. You may remain fully clothed.

Gossip FINE! And how, dare I ask, am I supposed to acquire an arcanite buoy?

Take this ledger to an old acquaintance of mine in Tanaris. His name is Narain Soothfancy - terrible, terrible psychic but an amazing engineer! He should be able to make sense of it all.
No need to thank me, <name>. It's the least I could do.
Good day!

Gossip But...

Azuregos says: I said GOOD DAY! (At this point the interaction-window with Azuregos will automatically be closed.)

If the player further interacts with Azuregos, he will ask:

Shouldn't you be saving the world?


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Notes and trivia[]

  • Azuregos can be recognized by his ears, which are large and frilly, and the skin on his wings that reaches the end of his tail.
  • According to Kalec, Azuregos doesn't make many friends and his taste in them tends to be a bit unique. A murloc named Ergll is one of them.[21] Azuregos even taught Ergll to speak.[22] As Azuregos was always trying to get his hands on magic artifacts he was also trying to make friends with Archmage Xylem.[23]
  • Ergll calls Azuregos "Azy."
  • Archmage Xylem thinks that all the years of "vagabonds" assaulting Azuregos haven't done him much good making him a mite strange these days.[24]
  • During the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj event, players had to speak with Azuregos at one stage. As Azuregos was likely to be killed within a few hours of spawning, this made the quest difficult, if not impossible, to complete. To avoid this the Spirit of Azuregos was added in southern Azshara, which could not be attacked or killed. Amusingly, the Spirit of Azuregos talked as if it was the real corporeal dragon, and told players on the quest that "I walk amongst savages in this cursed land! I cannot take five steps without some crazed orc or human trying to thrust a sharp stick into my hide. At any given time you could very well be speaking to my ghostly spirit."[25]
  • Azuregos and Lord Kazzak were the first world bosses to be introduced with patch 1.3.0.
  • Azuregos is voiced by Darin De Paul in Legion.


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