Image of Azurethos
Title The Winged Typhoon[1]
Gender Male
Race Bird (Beast)
Level ?? Rare Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Splinterbark Roost, Tiragarde Sound[62, 24]
Status Killable

Azurethos is a bird world boss located at the top of the Splinterbark Roost in Tiragarde Sound while the world quest N [50EEWQ] The Winged Typhoon is available.

Adventure Guide

Azurethos, the terror of the Kul'tiran[sic] seas, marshalls the power of wind to force enemies out of its roost, cause waterspouts, and capsize ships. He has earned his reputation as one of the deadliest beasts in Kul Tiras.


  • Ability skyreach four wind.png  Azurethos' Fury — Azurethos gathers the wind in his wings and unleashes a barrage of tornados that move away from him in a spiral pattern. These tornados inflict 15 Physical damage very 2 sec for 10 sec to players who come into contact with them, and knock them high into the air.
  • Ability skyreach wind.png  Gale Force — Azurethos' unleashes a massive burst of wind in a line in front of him, inflicting 31 Nature damage to any players caught in the burst and knocking them back extremely far.
  • Ability mount dragonhawkarmorallliance.png  Wing Buffet — Inflicts 132857 Physical damage to players in a frontal cone, knocking them back and reducing their threat.

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