Image of Baa'l
Race Goat (Critter)
Level 25
Location Frostfire Ridge [62, 22]
Status Defeatable
Tracking wildpet.png This creature can be captured by engaging it in a pet battle.

Baa'l weakened.

Baa'l is part of the Riddle of Baa'l, found in a pit of lava in Frostfire Ridge, but only to players who have clicked all 13 pebbles.


By default, Baa'l has almost 9,000 hp and this ability:

  • Spell warlock demonbolt.png  Murder the Innocent — Instantly kills the enemy pet

However, should players (or nearby players) have access to a fully-empowered Uuna by completing her storyline, when players summon her, she will weaken Baa'l:

Uuna says: Oooh, I know what to do with guys like this!
Uuna yells: Eat stars, bad guy!
Uuna yells: Get him, friend! Use your pet battle attack!

The weakened Baa'l has these abilities:

Defeat Baa'l and  [Baa'ls Darksign] will find its way into the player's bags. Use it to learn the pet, which has these abilities:

magic Magic: Cannot be dealt more than 35% of their maximum health in one attack.
+50% damage from Dragonkin -33% damage from Aquatic
Level 1 Level 2 Level 4
[Shadowflame] [Curse of Doom] [Nether Gate]
▲▼ ▲▼ ▲▼
[Darkflame] [Murder the Innocent] [Scorched Earth]
Level 10 Level 15 Level 20

When first summoned, Baa'l says this:

Souls fEast on enDless shrieKing, in darKNess they writhe and scream, yOu WiLl join thEm, toGether forEver morE!


  • The name "Baa'l" is a pun on Baal, a name often associated with demons in pop culture. In Blizzard's Diablo franchise, Baal is the Lord of Destruction and one of the seven Great Evils.


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