Baby Murloc

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Not to be confused with Baby Murloc (Thousand Needles) or Baby Murloc (Deadmines).
For general information on baby murlocs, see Murloc#Young
NeutralBaby Murloc
Image of Baby Murloc
Race Murloc (Battle pet)
Level 1
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Appear in Daggerfen Village, Zangarmarsh

Baby Murloc is a murloc that was brought to Zangarmarsh by Witch Doctor Tor'gash, since the murlocs don't exist in Outland. Tor'gash wants to give the Lost Ones a gift by sending these baby murlocs to them at Daggerfen Village. They're kept in a  [Murloc Cage] till ready to be released.


  • Scare Daggerfen

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