Back in Black

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For the quest, see N Demon hunter [103 - 110] Back in Black.
DemonHunterBack in Black
Black Temple
Level 102 (760)
Duration 30 min
Followers 3
Type Campaign
Enemies Okuno
Avoid Detection
Holy Barrier
Cost 50 Order Resources
Champion XP 600
Bonus Chest  [Broken Medallion of Karabor]
Bonus Roll  [XP]


Belath Dawnblade has asked you to send your Ashtongue warriors to infiltrate the Black Temple. This will prepare you to confront Akama.


  • Okuno: Powerful
  • Avoid Detection: Cursed Disorienting Slowing
  • Holy Barrier: Cursed Disorienting Slowing


You will receive:
Inv jewelry amulet 04.png [Broken Medallion of Karabor]
  • 600 follower XP

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