AllianceBack on Track
Start Filbert Tinkertoss [56.2, 42.5]
End Dilbert Tinkertoss [60.2, 53.2]
Level 30-40
Category Spires of Arak
Experience 1450
Rewards 1g 38s
Previous A [30-40] Sticky Situation, A [30-40] Safety Measures
Next A [30-40] All Natural, A [30-40] I See Dead Arakkoa
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [30-40] Back on Track.


Speak to Dilbert Tinkertoss in Veil Zekk.


Now that the batteries are out of the bog I can radio in some more copters to take them to camp.

I'll stay here until they arrive, but you should go ahead to my brother Dilbert and let him know what happened. He must be worried sick!

On accept:

Filbert Tinkertoss says: I'll see you there. Don't wait up!


You will receive: 1g 38s


Oh, thank goodness. I don't even have any weapons!


  • 1450 XP


Follow the trail southeast to Veil Zekk, which has fared poorly in the latest bombardment.


  1. B [30-40] One of Our Own
  2. B [30-40] Inspecting the Troops
  3. B [30-40] Orders, Commander?
  4. B [30-40] Befriending the Locals (inn) / B [30-40] Peace Offering (trading post)
  5. N [30-40] A Lack of Wasps
  6. B [30-40] Not Here, Not Now
  1. B [30-40] Attempted Murder
  2. B [30-40] Assassin's Mark
  3. Complete both:
  4. B [30-40] Gardul Venomshiv
  5. B [30-40] We Have Him Now
  6. B [30-40] No Time to Waste
Trading Post
  1. A [30-40] The Tinkertoss Twins / H [30-40] Best Deals Anywhere
  2. Complete both:
  3. B [30-40] Back on Track
  4. Complete both:
  5. B [30-40] The Ebon Hunter

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