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AllianceBack to Crazzle
Start Khan Ablinh [91.3, 53.9]
End Crazzle Sprysprocket [91.4, 57.8]
Level 41
Category Thousand Needles
Experience 460-4,590
Reputation +250 Gnomeregan
Rewards  [Suspicious Slippers] or  [Swindler's Vest] or  [Belt of the Unfooled] or  [Uncompromising Helm]
Previous B [42] Fake Gold for Black Gold
Next B [41] Eminent Domain, B [41] Defend the Drill


Speak with Crazzle Sprysprocket at the Splithoof Heights in Thousand Needles.


I am NOT stupid!

Go back to your master and tell him that there will be NO deal! That is, if you can survive to make it back to him.


You will receive: 55s

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv boots cloth 35.png [Suspicious Slippers] Inv chest leather 28v2.png [Swindler's Vest]
Inv belt 99v2.png [Belt of the Unfooled] Inv helmet 182v1.png [Uncompromising Helm]




Watch out! The centaur are hostile now!


  1. B [41] Negotiations
  2. A [41] Get Zherin!/H [41] Get Koalbeard!
  3. B [42] Fool's Gold
  4. B [42] Fake Gold for Black Gold
  5. A [41] Back to Crazzle/H [41] Back to Riznek
  6. B [41] Eminent Domain / B [41] Defend the Drill
  7. B [42] Go Blow that Horn
  8. B [42] Deliver the Goods

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