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NeutralBack to Har'koa
Start Spirit of Rhunok
End Har'koa
Level 77 (Requires 75)
Category Zul'Drak
Experience 10700 (or 6g 42s at 80)
Previous N [77] An End to the Suffering
Next N [77] I Sense a Disturbance


Speak with Har'koa at the Altar of Har'koa.


And now it is time for you to return to the leopard goddess. Somehow I sense that she has other plans for you.

Tell her that no matter what, we are eternal.


<The cat goddess howls in pain.>

My spirit cries out in grief at the loss of another friend. But fear not, he will return and his spirit will live on forever.


  1. N [76] Strange Mojo
  2. N [76] Precious Elemental Fluids
  3. N [76] Mushroom Mixer
  4. N [76] Too Much of a Good Thing
  5. N [77] To the Witch Doctor
  6. N [77] Breaking Through Jin'Alai
  7. N [77] To Speak With Har'koa
  8. N [77] But First My Offspring
  9. N [77] Spirit of Rhunok
  10. N [77] My Prophet, My Enemy
  11. N [77] An End to the Suffering
  12. N [77] Back to Har'koa
  13. N [77] I Sense a Disturbance
  14. N [77] Preparations for the Underworld
  15. N [77] Seek the Wind Serpent Goddess
  16. N [77] Setting the Stage
  17. N [77] Foundation for Revenge
  18. N [77] Hell Hath a Fury
  19. N [77] One Last Thing
  20. N [77] Blood of a Dead God
  21. N [77] You Reap What You Sow
  22. N [77] The Key of Warlord Zol'Maz
  23. N [77] Rampage
  24. N [77G3] The Gods Have Spoken
  25. N [78G3] Convocation at Zol'Heb
  26. N [78] Unfinished Business

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