AllianceBackdoor Dealings
Start Maywiki
End Maywiki
Level 10-30
Category Cape of Stranglethorn
Experience 2540
Rewards  [Veil of the Silent Listener]
or  [Monnion of the Bat]
or  [Small Pouch of Incense]
or  [Spaulders of the Bat]
Shareable Yes
Previous A [10-30] Maywiki
Next B [10-30] Eliminate the Outcast
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [10-30] Backdoor Dealings.


Place the Gurubashi Incense in front of the Totem of Hir'eek, then listen to Zanzil's plot.


Zanzil the Outcast, an exile from the Gurubashi tribe, is my quarry. Recently, I have heard tales from my brothers in the north about his planned reentry into society, starting with the emissary he sent to the Skullsplitters. This is not good news.

I want you to peer into Zanzil's current plans. Take this incense, and place it in front of the bat totem in the Ruins of Jubuwal, to the north. Hir'eek will guide you from there.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv helmet 173v4.png [Veil of the Silent Listener] Inv shoulder 136v1.png [Monnion of the Bat]
Inv jewelry necklace 18.png [Small Pouch of Incense] Inv shoulder 136v1.png [Spaulders of the Bat]

You will also receive:

  • 30s
  • 2540 XP


You have not done as I asked, <race>. Perhaps I was wrong to have selected you for this task...


It is as I suspected. Zanzil is too haughty to interfere with the squabbles between the Bloodscalps and the Skullsplitters. No, he is playing a part in a grander scheme... Jin'do the Hexxer is using him to help bring Hakkar back to Zul'Gurub.

It's good that we found this out now, because it offers us a simple solution.


Guided by Hir'eek.

A reunion of "old friends".

Head north to the Ruins of Jubuwal and interact with the Totem of Hir'eek.[54, 31.4]

This ancient totem is fashioned into the shape of a bat. It must be the totem that Maywiki spoke of.
Gossip Place the Incense at the foot of the statue.

Upon placing the Incense, the player is transformed into a form resembling a shadowy humanoid bat or gargoyle, which automatically flies southeast out of Jubuwal, past the Explorers' League Digsite, and into the Ruins of Aboraz, where it lands on top of a wall. Zanzil the Outcast is standing below in front of a large bonfire. Just as the player arrives, the Shade of the Hexxer appears and walks up to Zanzil.

Zanzil the Outcast says: Jin'do the Hexxer! It's been a while since I've seen that mask.
Zanzil the Outcast says: What brings you out to my part of Stranglethorn? I'm not accustomed to taking visitors from the esteemed Zul'Gurub.
Shade of the Hexxer says: You know well enough about why I'm here, Zanzil.
Shade of the Hexxer says: The Gurubashi have fallen on hard times. I live, and Mandokir has returned... but the rest of us are gone.
Zanzil the Outcast says: What a shame... but not a concern for an old exile like Zanzil.
Shade of the Hexxer says: Well, Zanzil, I'd like to make it your concern. I've recovered the bodies of High Priestess Jeklik and High Priest Venoxis.
Shade of the Hexxer says: I remember what you can do with those elixirs of yours. Can your elixirs help out an old friend?
Zanzil the Outcast says: Friend? You were among those who spit and threw stones, Jin'do. But let's let bygones be bygones, eh?
Zanzil the Outcast says: So your bat and your snake need Zanzil's help? Very well. I'll see you inside Zul'Gurub... old friend.

As soon as the conversation ends, the player is transported back to the Totem of Hir'eek. Head back to Maywiki to turn in.


  1. B [10-30] Backdoor Dealings
  2. B [10-30] Eliminate the Outcast
  3. B [10-30] Through the Troll Hole
  4. B [10-30] High Priestess Jeklik
  5. B [10-30] Plunging Into Zul'Gurub
  6. B [10-30] High Priest Venoxis

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