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NeutralThe Badlands
Level: 35-45
Population 2,000

IconSmall Gnoll.gif Drysnout gnolls (800)
Dark Iron dwarfDark Iron dwarf Dark Iron dwarf (400)
IconSmall Trogg.gif Stonevault Trogg (400)
OgreOgre Ogre, Duskbelcher (200)
OrcOrc Orc (100)
Ironforge prospectors and their crews (100)

Black dragonflight Black dragonflight
Major settlements Kargath (100)
Affiliation Dark Iron dwarf[1]
Location Southeastern Khaz Modan

The Badlands is a region in Khaz Modan accessed via the Searing Gorge to the west and Loch Modan to the north.

The Badlands are a cracked desert of dry earth, scattered boulders, and winding canyons. Dark Iron dwarves clash with ogres and drakes, while Horde orcs man a fortress to keep watch on their renegade brethren in the eastern lands. Ironforge prospectors search this desolate land for Titan artifacts, inspired by the recently unearthed Uldaman — an immense ruin that held the first clues to the dwarves’ lofty origins. Stonevault troggs, released after millennia of slumber, slaughtered the explorers and viciously defend their stolen city.[2]

Only the hardiest of creatures can survive in the arid wastes, such as feral coyotes, cougars and buzzards. In the far east is a region inhabited by black dragon spawn. Scattered across the Badlands are camps of ogres of the Dustbelcher tribe. In the northwest is a tiny Horde outpost. The northern reaches of this rugged land are home to ruins that were the workings of the ancient race, the earthen. These ruins are known as Uldaman. Dark Iron dwarves also have a large fortress just south of Uldaman.


Hammertoe's Digsite

During the Second War, warriors of the Black Tooth Grin clan escorted Cho'gall, chieftain of the Twilight's Hammer clan, and his entourage to Grim Batol through the Badlands. The orcs rightfully expected an ambush by the Alliance, notably by humans from Stromgarde.[3]

Getting there

From Loch Modan, simply head south into the Badlands.
The Badlands are one of the most difficult questing zones for Horde players to access, but are a vital connecting point between the north and south halves of the eastern continent. See Reaching the Badlands travel guide for a detailed guide on how to get here.


This desolate wasteland is cracked and dry, consisting mostly of flat stretches of land enclosed by the surrounding mountains. A few hills dot the landscape, and the eastern part of the zone is a large canyon full of black dragons.

The instanced dungeon Uldaman can be found in this area. In addition, there are a few micro dungeons in the Badlands. There are no battlegrounds in this zone.

Maps and subregions

Map of Badlands

Annotated map of Badlands

Agmond's EndAngor FortressApocryphan's RestCamp Boff
Camp CaggCamp KoshCamp WurgCrypt
Dustbelch GrottoThe DustbowlDustwind GulchHammertoe's Digsite
KargathLethlor RavineThe Maker's TerraceMirage Flats
Valley of Fangs


Dungeon Name Level Range Group Size Approximate Run Time
Uldaman 35-52 5-man Unknown

Elite areas

Travel Hubs


Horde Flight paths from Kargath

Regions adjacent to Badlands

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access subzone Access method
Loch Modan Alliance 10-20 North The Maker's Terrace By foot only
Searing Gorge Horde Alliance 40-50 West By foot, or by Horde flightpath from Kargath to Thorium Point

Notable Characters

Main article: Badlands NPCs

The Badlands are home to several characters of note. At his camp in the Dustbowl, Lotwil Veriatus seeks aid in his latest experiment. South of Hammertoe's Digsite, Prospector Ryedol attempts to cleanse Uldaman of the evil Dark Irons. And at Kargath, Warlord Goretooth and his men send bold adventurers into the dark Blackrock Mountain in search of retribution.


Angor Fortress

Main article: Badlands quests

The following items are used to complete various quests within the Badlands. Therefore, it is advised to retrieve the following items before going to Badlands:


The Maker's Terrace

This is an area rich in Minerals and Herbs. The minimum level of mining is around 125-150, but within a few hours you can rise to the 200 area. Even Gold veins appear rather frequently.

Wild Creatures

Lethlor Ravine



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There seems to be a buried troll temple to the northwest of the Dustbowl's middle part. The "troll temple" has two snake head statues that are similar to those found in the Hinterlands.

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