Baelgun's Excavation Site

The titan statue

Baelgun's Excavation Site[72, 72] is located in southeast Howling Fjord on the cliffs leading from the high bluff of the Explorers' League Outpost down to sea level. It was probably started by Baelgun Flamebeard.


  • In the alpha and beta, one of the titan statues was making "devil horns"; upon release, it was changed to the "hang loose" sign.


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Since Valgarde was originally meant to be Arthas' original landing site in Northrend, it is possible that the excavation site was meant to be Muradin Bronzebeard's base in Warcraft III considering Baelgun Flamebeard was one of his officers. It is also possible that Muradin's base was Westguard Keep instead.


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