Alliance 32.png Baenan
Image of Baenan
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Class Paladin
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Ironforge, Knights of the Silver Hand, Alliance
Status Alive
Relative(s) Trialin (younger sister)
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Baenan is a dwarf paladin who was stationed aboard the Elwynn which was stationed off of the coast Tanaris due to the Horde presence in the area.


He is the brother of Trialin and counts Lintharel and Atropa as friends. Baenan and his sister were also friends with Vyrin Swiftwind, who often spoke about high elf/blood elf relations and her unnamed husband who she expressed a longing for.

When Li Li Stormstout was forced overboard the Elwynn picked her up and Baenan bonded with the girl. When negotiations opened up between the Horde and Alliance each side sent a diplomat to the other side- Nita was sent to the Alliance and Baenan was sent to the Horde. However soon after arriving Baenan was made a prisoner where he was watched over by Talithar Swiftwind, who stumbled upon the knowledge that Talithar knew Vyrin. Baenan spitefully told him that Vyrin hated the blood elves and all they stood for. Enraged, Talithar physically threatened Baenan with a ferocity that astounded the dwarf, though relented and broke down into tears, throwing the couple's wedding rings on a chain at the dwarf's feet and revealing that he was Vyrin's husband.

Later Chen Stormstout, who been picked up by the Horde, came by to break the dwarf out of his captivity, and Talithar did not attempt to intervene. Baenan apologized for what he had said and informed him that though Vyrin never mentioned him directly, Baenan now realized that she could only have been talking about Talithar, and though still angry over the matter also misses him dearly. Talithar asked the dwarf to give the rings back to his wife and tell her that he had never stopped loving her. Baenan promised to do so, and during their escape, Chen and Baenan were caught by Karrig. However, Talithar reappeared to assist them in their escape from the warship, distracted Karrig, who was furious that Talithar had betrayed his duty. Talithar reiterated his proud loyalty to the Horde, though also said that the Horde does not claim all of it. As they were in the munitions hold, Talithar detonated all the gunpowder for the ship's cannons with his fire-based magic, which gave Chen and Baenan a chance to flee in the aftermath.

The two quickly headed over to the Elwynn and saw Heller's body being thrown overboard, the two preceded to aid their families against those attacking. In the aftermath of the Elwynn sinking into the sea Baenan, Trialin, Lintharel, and Atropa shared a lifeboat while Chen and Li Li returned to their quest to reach Pandaria. Baenan, possibly due to exhaustion, was unable to fully heal Lintharel with the Light, who had been run through by Captain Heller for defending Nita. Fortunately, he had kept her alive long enough through the night that Nita was able to find them after dawn in Ability druid flightform.png [Flight Form] and completed the healing. After healing the others of their minor injuries, Nita informed them where land was closest. Discovering the Swiftwinds' rings were still on his person, Baenan vowed to safely return them to Vyrin and inform her that her husband died a hero, with Trialin indicating that she would join him in doing so.[1]


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