The Bag of Shiny Things is a reward for completing one of daily fishing quests in any of the capital cities.



Orgrimmar Thunder Bluff Undercity
H Fishing [10-60 Daily] A Furious Catch H Fishing [10-60 Daily] Craving Crayfish H Fishing [10-60 Daily] Fish Head
H Fishing [10-60 Daily] A Golden Opportunity H Fishing [10-60 Daily] Pond Predators H Fishing [10-60 Daily] Like Pike?
H Fishing [10-60 Daily] A Staggering Effort H Fishing [10-60 Daily] Shiny Baubles H Fishing [10-60 Daily] Moat Monster!
H Fishing [10-60 Daily] Clammy Hands H Fishing [10-60 Daily] The Race to Restock H Fishing [10-60 Daily] Tadpole Terror
H Fishing [10-60 Daily] No Dumping Allowed H Fishing [10-60 Daily] The Ring's the Thing H Fishing [10-60 Daily] Time for Slime


Stormwind Darnassus Ironforge
A Fishing [10-60 Daily] Big Gulp A Fishing [10-60 Daily] A Slippery Snack A Fishing [10-60 Daily] Cold Water Fishing
A Fishing [10-60 Daily] Diggin' For Worms A Fishing [10-60 Daily] An Old Favorite A Fishing [10-60 Daily] Fish fer Squrky
A Fishing [10-60 Daily] Hitting a Walleye A Fishing [10-60 Daily] Happy as a Clam Digger A Fishing [10-60 Daily] Live Bait
A Fishing [10-60 Daily] Rock Lobster A Fishing [10-60 Daily] Stocking Up A Fishing [10-60 Daily] One fer the Ages
A Fishing [10-60 Daily] Thunder Falls A Fishing [10-60 Daily] The Sister's Pendant A Fishing [10-60 Daily] The Gnomish Bait-o-Matic


Average Drop Rates
(Wowhead, 13 February 2010)
Item Drop rate
 [Bright Baubles] 41.0%
 [Swiftness Potion] 14.0%
 [Swim Speed Potion] 14.0%
 [Stranglekelp] 14.0%
 [Elixir of Water Walking] 14.0%
 [Very Unlucky Rock] 5.0%
 [Ivory Fisherman's Pipe] 5.0%
 [Broken Whale Statue] 5.0%
 [Empty Snail Shell] 5.0%
 [String of Alligator Teeth] 5.0%
 [Frogsticker Spearhead] 5.0%
 [Stripped Drilling Gears] 5.0%
 [Hangman's Noose] 5.0%
 [7th Place Fishing Trophy] 5.0%
 [Old "Pirate" Map] 5.0%
 [Dazzling Sapphire Pendant] 5.0%
 [Undelivered Love Letter] 5.0%
 [Chipped Hair Brush] 5.0%
 [Hook Disgorger] 5.0%
 [Tangled Bronze Hooks] 5.0%
 [Fish Cleaver] 5.0%
 [Glass Fishing Bobber] 5.0%
 [Reptile Egg] 5.0%
 [Polished Skull] 5.0%
 [Swatch of Netting] 5.0%
 [Healing Potion] 2.0%
 [Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat] 1.1%
 [Strand Crawler] 1.0%
 [Bone Fishing Pole] 0.0%
 [Jeweled Fishing Pole] 0.0%

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