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Bag vendors (sometimes called Bag merchant) are NPC vendors that sell bags ranging in size from 6 to 12 slots.

Location Vendor
Alliance Stormwind City Alyssa Griffith
Alliance The Exodar Cuzi
Horde Orgrimmar Gotri
Horde Undercity Jonathan Chambers
Horde Crossroads Kalyimah Stormcloud
Horde Thunder Bluff Pakwa
Alliance Ironforge Pithwick
Horde Silvermoon City Rathin
Horde Eversong Woods Solanin
Alliance Darnassus Yldan


As of the Burning Crusade, larger bags can be also purchased, from Outland specialized dealers:

After the Cataclysm, Dawn Radue can be found in Stormwind, selling the  ["Carriage" Signature Bag].