• Baked Voidfin
  • Use: Restores 220,027 health and 110,014 mana over 20 sec. Must remain seated while eating. If you spend at least 10 seconds eating you will become well fed.

    While well fed, increase movement speed by 20% while in a Vision of N'Zoth.
  • Requires Level 120
  • Sell Price: 12s 50c

Baked Voidfin is created with Cooking (165); taught by  [Tome of Unspeakable Delicacies].

Materials required:
Inv misc fish 63.png 8x [Aberrant Voidfin] Inv misc food draenor rawbasiliskflesh.png 3x [Questionable Meat]
Trade alchemy dpotion e2.png 3x [Aromatic Fish Oil] Inv cooking 80 wildflour.png 4x [Wild Flour]


  • During early PTR builds, this item was named G'Zpacho; a Shath'Yar-ish version of Gazpacho.

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