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AllianceBalance in All Things
Start Thornspeaker Birchgrove
End Ulfar
Level 40-70
Category Kul Tiran
Experience 17,850
Rewards Inv tradeskillitem 01 [Purified Lumber Sample]
23g 40s
Previous A [40-70] Gorak Tul's Influence
Next A [40-70] Summons from Dorian


Speak to Ulfar and cleanse the Filled Drust Vessel.


The confluence of energies around that vessel is truly disturbing. My skin crawls with the wrongness of it.

We have reached the limit of my ability to help you, <name>.

Go to Ulfar, the High Thornspeaker. Arthur will carry you, if you wish it.

Only he knows enough about these ancient magics to undo the corruption that taints your materials.

Go quickly. You do not want to hold that vessel longer than you must.


You will receive:


I sense a terrible power emanating from that vessel, <name>.


We will take what we have learned here and see what can be done about the rest of Drustvar.

For now, the Drust Vessel will be of use to you and Dorian.

Give her my regards. She is an ally to the Thornspeakers, always.


After accepting this quest, the adventurer has the option to speak to Arthur Tradewind:

Birchgrove said you might need some help getting up to Ulfar. His lair doesn't exactly have signs.
Gossip Can you take me to the High Thornspeaker?
Arthur changes into travel form.
Arthur Tradewind says: Sure thing! Hop on!
The adventurer hops on.
Arthur Tradewind says: That's a spooky looking bit of magic you've got going on there.
Arthur Tradewind says: Makes my back itch.
Arthur Tradewind says: Ulfar will know what to do with it. Probably.
Arthur Tradewind says: Hold on tight, this ride is about to get a little bumpy.
Arthur Tradewind says: You're on an errand from Dorian, right?
Arthur Tradewind says: I always wanted to meet her. The Thornspeakers tell some interesting stories!
Arthur Tradewind says: Like how she and Ulfar met. Hah, that's a good one. Yeah.
Arthur Tradewind says: ... I'm not supposed to talk about that, though.
The terrain grows steeper as Arthur navigates into the mountains.
Arthur Tradewind says: Anyway. I keep trying to convince Ulfar that a goat form would be amazing.
Arthur Tradewind says: But he always starts talking about "dignity" and I stop listening.
Arthur Tradewind says: Luckily for you, I'm as sure-footed as they come.
Arthur leaps into the air, lands on a rock precariously perched atop a waterfall, then leaps again to the other side.
Arthur Tradewind says: Just... don't look down.
Arthur Tradewind says: Nearly there!
Arthur Tradewind says: Tell Ulfar I said hello!
Having dropped off the adventurer, Arthur turns around and runs back the way he came.

Speak to Ulfar in Ulfar's Den:

I recognize the power you have brought to me. I felt it in my bark and in my bones before you crested the rise.
This is old magic. It has been twisted, warped.
We must act quickly if we are to remain untouched by it.
Gossip Tell me how I can help.
Ulfar says: The power you bring here is weighted heavily against life.
Ulfar places the haunted lumber sample on the ground, with an Ancient Seedling sitting on top.
Ulfar says: We must tip the scales.

On speaking to Ulfar again:

Speak to me when you are ready to begin, <name>.

Begin the ritual by interacting with the Ancient Seedling:

The adventurer places the Drust Vessel on the lumber with the seedling. Ulfar begins to channel nature magic into the items.
Ulfar says: This land is generous, and strong, and its heart thrums beneath us!
A few small Drust Manifestations appear, briefly stunning Ulfar.
Ulfar says: The balance... does not move... easily...
Ulfar says: But where there is death, there is also life!
More manifestations appear.
Ulfar says: An inescapable cycle, as sure as the sea is vast!
Ulfar says: No creature can thwart it for long. Back, foul magic!
Ulfar finishes channeling; the seed has grown into a young tree, verdant and sparkling with energy.
Ulfar says: Ahh... the cycle... continues.

After completing this quest:

Ulfar says: I have culled the corruption within the vessel, <name>.
Ulfar says: The Thornspeakers will journey to Stormsong and begin the work of cleansing your lumber.


  1. A [40-70] Made in Kul Tiras
  2. A [40-70] The Master Shipwright
  3. A [40-70] Fish Tales and Distant Sails
  4. A [40-70] Home, Home On the Range
  5. A [40-70] I'm Too Old for This Ship
  6. A [40-70] Covering Our Masts & A [40-70] The Deep Ones
  7. A [40-70] Frame Work
  8. A [40-70] Team Carry
  9. Complete all of:
    1. A [40-70] This Lumber is Haunted
    2. A [40-70] Gorak Tul's Influence
    3. A [40-70] Balance in All Things
    1. A [40-70] The Bleak Hills
    2. A [40-70] Drop It!
    3. A [40-70] Her Dog Days Are Over
    4. A [40-70] Make it Wright
  10. A [40-70] Summons from Dorian
  11. A [40-70] A Worthy Crew
  12. A [40-70] Blessing of the Tides
  13. A [40-70] Allegiance of Kul Tiras

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