For his character biography, see Balnazzar. For his Classic encounter, see Balnazzar (Classic).
Image of Balnazzar
Gender Male
Race Nathrezim (Demon)
Level 44 - 62 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Scarlet Bastion, Stratholme
Status Defeatable

Balnazzar, formerly under the guise of Saidan Dathrohan (Grand Crusader of the Scarlet Crusade), is the final boss in the Scarlet Bastion of Stratholme.

Adventure Guide

Balnazzar has never tasted true death, but he has suffered bitter defeat. After the Cataclysm rocked the world, he slaughtered the Scarlet Crusaders in Stratholme and transformed them into the undead creatures they once hated. The dreadlord now plots his machinations for vengeance upon Azeroth.


  • Spell shadow unholyfrenzy.png  Mind Blast — Inflicts Shadow damage (370 - 430) to an enemy, but causes a high amount of threat.
  • Spell shadow shadowworddominate.png  Domination — Takes control of a humanoid enemy up to level 25 for 15 sec. (can't be dispelled by priests or paladins)
  • Spell shadow shadowbolt.png  Shadow Shock — Instantly lashes nearby enemies with dark magic, inflicting Shadow damage. (210 - 242) (Radius: 15 yards)
  • Spell nature sleep.png  Sleep Magic Effect — Puts an enemy to sleep for up to 20 sec. Any damage caused will awaken the target. Only one target can be asleep at a time. (can be dispelled by priests or paladins)
  • Spell shadow psychicscream.png  Psychic Scream Magic Effect — Lets out a psychic scream, causing up to 5 nearby enemies to flee for 6 sec.


The fight is basically the same as the original version, the difference being that Balnazzar is no longer in the guise of Saidan Dathrohan for 50% of his health, meaning he no longer uses the former's paladin abilities and only his own demonic spells.


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You fools think you can defeat me so easily? Face the true might of the Nathrezim!
Damn you mortals! All my plans of revenge, all my hate...I will be avenged...

After Balnazzar dies, Crusade Commander Eligor Dawnbringer and Packmaster Stonebruiser will spawn in the room at the edge of the circle, towards the doorway. For Dawnbringer's quotes, see the quest above.

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