Balnir Farmstead.

Invincible's empty grave.

The Balnir Farmstead is one of the many places that used to belong to the farmfolk of the kingdom of Lordaeron, but since the Plague of Undeath it has fallen into the hands of the Scourge. Spirits and animated corpses wander the fields and inhabit the barn, ready to assault anyone who approaches. Fellicent's Shade can sometimes be found inside the barn.

Arthas Menethil's beloved steed in life and death, Invincible, was born, buried and later resurrected to undeath on these lands.[1] Anduin Wrynn, king of Stormwind, also rides a horse descended from this stock: Reverence.[2]


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The Balnirs were renowned as horse-breeders, and their stables even provided steeds for the House of Menethil. Prince Arthas Menethil would often come here to play with his friend Jarim. When Invincible was born, Arthas was there watching it. At the same time, survivors and refugees from Stormwind City emerged in Lordaeron, and Uther went to the farmstead in order to get Prince Arthas back to Capital City. A decade later, Invincible died and was buried on the grounds of the farm at Arthas' request.[1]

Years later, when Arthas murdered his father and Capital City fell, the undead attacked the farm and killed the Balnir family. Soon after, Arthas, now a death knight, ran directly from Capital City after murdering his father, to the Balnir Farmstead, and with the power of Frostmourne, Arthas resurrected the horse as his undead steed.[1]

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Wanting to aid the Forsaken at the Bulwark, Deathguard Linnea sent Horde adventurers to the farm to deal with the undead there, since it had become a haven for interloping Scourge.[3]

In the garden of the farm, there were the snapdragons flowers, which Vara Balnir had cultivated for years.[1] Anastasia Hartwell sent mages to collect them in order to study and learn if the undead plague has entered Tirisfal Glades.[4]

As of the Cataclysm, the Scourge still concentrated around the Balnir Farmstead.[5]



  • The empty grave of Invincible, open since the Zombie Infestation on October 19/20, 2008, can be found here, and its plaque can be read.
  • No quests take place here, since Cataclysm.


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