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Image of Ban'thalos
Race Spirit beast (Beast)
Level 30-35 Rare
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Sanctuary of Malorne, Mount Hyjal
Pet family Spirit beast

Ban'thalos is a large owl spirit beast who soars Mount Hyjal's skies. Ban'thalos is the first spirit beast to have the look of an owl and is also one of the biggest spirit beasts, mostly due to his large wings.


  • 4,460 - 6,625 Damage
  • 11,092 Armor
  • Diet: Meat, Fish
  • Tameable (Exotic)

Taming Challenge tactics

The challenge in taming Ban'thalos is aggroing him from his extreme altitude and surviving the fall and the moonfire damage while you descend. [Disengage] has been suggested. Engineers can use their  [Flexweave Underlay]. Goblins can also use their [Rocket Jump]

If all else fails, use a  [Colossal Parachute] (but be quick, the item will disappear from your bags 20 minutes after purchase from the vendor in Feralas).

It is also possible to stand at the top of the tallest tree around the shrine and wait until Ban'thalos flies close. In this case, it is only necessary to fly up a short distance to get in range. Dismount, engage while falling, and land on the top of the tree with only minor fall damage.

Patch Changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.3.0 (2011-11-29): Hunters can now deflect Ban'thalos' Harsh Moonlight attack.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.2.0 (2011-06-28): Added.

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